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Cristen Scully Kromm's picture

Cristen Scully Kromm

Dean of Undergraduate Student Life
Phone: 212-854-6806

Hillary Niel's picture

Hillary Niel

Executive Assistant to the Dean of Undergraduate Student LIfe
Phone: 212-854-1836

Jesse Adamo Grimes's picture

Jesse Adamo Grimes

Director of Administration & Planning
Columbia College | The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science
Phone: 212-854-9388

Josephine Watson's picture

Josephine Watson

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 212-854-6972

Veronica Baran's picture

Veronica Baran

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 212-854-1196


Lauren Iannia's picture

Lauren Iannia

Senior Associate Director, Administration & Planning
Phone: 212-854-4998

Martha Phelps's picture

Martha Phelps

Financial Assistant
Phone: 212-854-1395

Lisa Jenkins

Financial Assistant
Phone: 212-854-1391


Multicultural Affairs

Melinda Aquino's picture

Melinda Aquino

Associate Dean of Multicultural Affairs
Phone: 212-854-7152

Chia-Ying Pan's picture

Chia-Ying Pan

Director of Education, Outreach & International Student Support
Phone: 212-851-9555

Jacquis Watters's picture

Jacquis Watters

Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs and Social Justice Programs
Phone: 212-854-9195

Avi Edelman's picture

Avi Edelman

Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs
Phone: 212-854-9961


Residential Life

Tara Hanna's picture

Tara Hanna

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Student Life & Executive Director of Residential Life
Phone: 212-854-3482

Scott Helfrich's picture

Scott Helfrich

Associate Director (First Year Area)
Phone: 212-854-7897

Joey Kopriva's picture

Joey Kopriva

Associate Director (West Campus)
Phone: 212-854-7411

Stephanie Valentino's picture

Stephanie Valentino

Assistant Director of Residential Life
Phone: 212-854-9134

Kat Burns's picture

Kat Burns

Residence Hall Director (LLC, Hartley and Wallach)

Aaron Hukari's picture

Aaron Hukari

Residence Hall Director (Carman)
Phone: 212-854-5525

Carl Jones's picture

Carl Jones

Residence Hall Director (East Campus)
Phone: 212-854-6173

Robert Peñaherrera's picture

Robert Peñaherrera

Residence Hall Director (McBain)
Phone: 212-853-0617

Yvonne Pitts's picture

Yvonne Pitts

Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Phone: 212-854-4196

Ryan Cole's picture

Ryan Cole

Residence Hall Director (Fraternity and Sorority Life)

John Rowell's picture

John Rowell

Residence Hall Director (East Campus)

Student Engagement

Josh Lucas's picture

Josh Lucas

Executive Director of Student Engagement
Phone: 212-854-9665

Philip Masciantonio's picture

Philip Masciantonio

Director of Broadcasting and Operations for WKCR
Phone: 212-854-1683

Aaron Gomes's picture

Aaron Gomes

Director of Orientation and Community Programs
Phone: 212-854-1397

Kyrena Wright's picture

Kyrena Wright

Associate Director of Student Engagement
Phone: 212-854-1394

Marnie Whalen's picture

Marnie Whalen

Assistant Director of Student Engagement
Phone: 212-854-9675

Andrew Brugman's picture

Andrew Brugman

Program Manager of Student Engagement
Phone: 212-853-0713

Francesca Walker-Adewale's picture

Francesca Walker-Adewale

Program Manager of Student Engagement
Phone: 212-854-1691

Tammie Cinder Velasquez's picture

Tammie Cinder Velasquez

Assistant Director of Student Engagement

Michaelangelo Misseri's picture

Michaelangelo Misseri

Assistant Director of Student Engagement
Phone: 212-854-1371