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Connect with Us

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Cristen Scully Kromm

Dean of Undergraduate Student Life
Phone: 212-854-6806

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Lauren Paulus

Executive Assistant
Phone: 212-854-1836

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Beth Vanderputten Perlongo

Director, Strategic Planning and Operations
Phone: 212-854-9388

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David Woods

Assistant Director of Student Financial Advising
Phone: 212-854-9144

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Lisa Jenkins

Financial Assistant, Student Financial Advising
Phone: 212-854-1391

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Martha Phelps

Financial Assistant, Student Financial Advising
Phone: 212-854-1395

Multicultural Affairs

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Melinda Aquino

Associate Dean of Multicultural Affairs
Phone: 212-854-7152

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Marta Esquilin

Director of Intercultural & Social Justice Programming
Phone: 212-854-9195

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Chia-Ying Pan

Director of Education, Outreach & International Student Support
Phone: 212-851-9555

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Erica Williams

Associate Director
Phone: 212-854-1388

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Raphael Richard

Assistant Director
Phone: 212-854-9961

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Chris Woods

Assistant Director - LGBTQ Outreach
Phone: 212-854-1675

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Erin Reed

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 212-854-0720

Residential Life

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Tara Hanna

Director of Residential Life
Phone: 212-854-3482

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Brad Badgley

Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life
Phone: 212-854-5319

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Keith Blankenship

Associate Director (East Campus)
Phone: 212-854-7410

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Darleny Cepin

Associate Director (West Campus)
Phone: 212-854-7126

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Scott Helfrich

Associate Director (First Year Year)
Phone: 212-854-7897

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Nathan Johnson

Associate Director (Special Interest Community & Faculty Initiatives)
Phone: 212-854-6173

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Aaron Hukari

Residence Hall Director
Phone: 212-854-5525

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Joey Kopriva

Residence Hall Director
Phone: 212-854-7411

Student Engagement

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Josh Lucas

Director of Student Community Programs
Phone: 212-854-9665

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Annie Virkus

Director of Leadership & Civic Engagement
Phone: 212-854-1394

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Philip Masciantonio

Director of Broadcasting and Operations for WKCR

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Peter Cerneka

Associate Director Leadership & Civic Engagement
Phone: 212-854-1371

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David Milch

Associate Director Student Community Programs
Phone: 212-854-1691

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Briget Arndell

Assistant Director of Leadership & Civic Engagement

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Aaron Gomes

Assistant Director Student Community Programs
Phone: 212-854-1397

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Ryan Scherr

Assistant Director of Leadership & Civic Engagement
Phone: 212-854-1196

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Laurencia Gonzales

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 212-854-1399