Austin E. Quigley Black Box Theatre

The Austin E. Quigley Black Box Theatre (Black Box Theatre) is a venue space within Lerner Hall.  It is overseen by Student Engagement with support by University Events Management (UEM). 

Programming taking place in the Black Box Theatre should enhance and further the reputation for excellence of high quality performance and the creation of artistic work. Along the same vein, programs in the Black Box Theatre should promote cultural diversity, including international activities, and be created in an environment that will attract and retain productive and creative colleagues. The Black Box Theatre should support activities that enhance student life, leadership development, as well as campus and community interaction.

The Black Box Theater gives priority to arts and performance related group events that meet the above goals.   


The Black Box Theatre shall function as an artistic outlet for recognized undergraduate student organizations to create and showcase creativity, artistic expression and enrichment opportunities through performance and art for Columbia University and the surrouding community. This venue is meant to provide student groups with a space to build deep human relationships, offer a platform to express differing viewpoints and critical thinking, open an arena for exploration of personal and academic growth, examination and extroverted dramatic conflict. Student Engagement hopes this facility meets its mission of creating educational environments of great value and distinction along with strong student development. 

Management & Support

The Black Box Theatre Manager is responsible for the scheduling, management and advising of all programming within the theatre and associated support spaces.

Lerner UEM, in conjunction with Lerner Facilities, is responsible for operations of the Black Box Theatre, including seating configurations, event ticketing services, housekeeping, environmental controls, implementation of audio and lighting designs, security, technical advisement and training.

For more information please visit the Support Spaces, Services, and Resources page. 

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