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New Vendor Setup Request Form

Use this form to request the setup of a new vendor that has not previously done business with or been paid by Columbia University. To check if a vendor is already in our system, please visit the Vendor/Payee Request Web Form

You will be required to upload a signed acknowledgement letter to submit this request. Please ensure the vendor has reviewed and signed either the Vendor Acknowledgement Letter or the Honoraria Acknowledgement Letter (for honorarium recipients only) prior to filling out this form.

All vendors, without exception, are required to submit a tax form (usually a W-9 or W-8) as part of this process. Vendors must use the correct tax form, otherwise their request will be denied. The vendor may not, under any circumstance, perform any services or provide any goods before they have been approved through this vendor setup process. 

Undergraduate Student Life staff using this form to create student leader position payments: Please ensure this Student Leader Payment Information spreadsheet is completed prior to filling out this form. You will be required to upload it in order to submit this request for setup. (An Acknowledgement Letter is not required for student leaders.)

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