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Hosting a successful production or event in the Black Box Theatre requires various steps from the student group as well as a collaborative effort with the Black Box Theatre Manager and University Events Management (UEM).  Below is a step-by-step overview for groups when putting on an event in the Black Box Theatre. For more information or questions, please email

Steps for Hosting a Successful Event or Production 

Once a group receives a "Tentative Pending Event Review" reservation status, groups must do the following to get the space fully "Confirmed" and assure a successful production or event.

1. Event Proposal Form

Upon receiving a "Tentative Pending Event Review" status, groups must submit the mandatory online Black Box Theatre Event Proposal From at least four weeks before the first day of the requested reservation date. If the event takes place within the first four weeks of any semester, the proposal is due by the first Friday of classes in that semester. 

The Event Proposal Form helps determine what further conversations need to take place with the Black Box Theatre Management Team. Criteria for approval is decided based on the overall professional quality of the proposed event, a primary intent that coincides with both the Black Box Theatre mission and requirements, a description attesting to the proper use of the space and a proven track record of past events and  responsible event execution by the sponsoring organization.

Event proposal forms will only be accepted from groups that have been granted "Tentative Pending Event Review" status, all others will not be reviewed. 

2. Event Review

Once the Event Proposal Form is submitted and approved, an Event Review with the Black Box Theater Manager and UEM is required.  This meeting must take place no less than three weeks before the groups event. At least one representative from the student group/event must attend the event review.  The event review is the beginning of ongoing conversations between the Black Box Theatre Manager, UEM and the group to discuss the event details, tech needs, tickets, security, equipment, possible issues, rules, regulations, policies and expectations.  During this meeting, a debrief and final walk-through of the space will also be scheduled and take place after the event.  If necessary, further conversations, updates, and meetings with UEM and the Manager may need to take place. Event Reviews will only be scheduled if the group's online form has been submitted and reviewed. A link to schedule the event review will be included in the initial email containing the reservation status. 

Event reviews are only offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM and Thursdays from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Event reviews will take place virtually. If you are not available during the offered times or have further questions, please contact

3. Initial Walkthrough

An initial walkthrough can be scheduled with the Black Box Theatre manager if desired. This walkthrough will help the group to become familiar with the theatre and support spaces, review the rules, expectations, protocols and cover any questions the group may have. 

4. Final Reservation Status

If and when all the steps are completed and scheduled the group will receive a confirmation email completing the reservation process, and guaranteeing the space for the group.  If the steps, timeline, requirements, or process are not met for any reason the confirmed reservation will be cancelled, waitlisted, rescheduled or denied. 

5. Ongoing Conversations and Communications

UEM and the Black Box Theatre Manager will stay in communication with the Producer/Representative throughout the reservation period to ensure everything runs smoothly leading up to the event. 

6. Debrief Meeting and Final Walk-Through

A debrief meeting and final walk-through will be scheduled during the event review and will be conducted after the event has taken place.  The debrief meeting is meant discuss the pros and cons of the event, while the final walk-through is to confirm the theatre and support spaces are left in appropriate condition.

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