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Newly Recognized Groups and Applying for Recognition

Applying to become a Recognized Student Group is an exciting step and can be considered when openings become available. Groups that serve the undergraduate population and hope to be advised by Undergraduate Student Life can apply to:

Groups who meet the requirements for New Group Recognition (NGR) apply through our website; we will then pass all applications for groups which are able to be recognized under university policy to the appropriate governing board. Governing boards will then make recommendations to USL, who has final approval over which groups are recognized. 

The timeline for NGR is as follows:

  • February: Number of active groups are assessed by USL and Governing Boards. If new groups can be accomodated and considered, applications for New Group Recognition (NGR) are opened for ABC and SGB on the USL website. In order to open new groups recognition several factors are considered including, but not limited to adviser availability, governing board rep avaialbility, group funding, physical space, and campus partners suppport and resources.

  • March: Applications close, and Governing Boards receive all eligible applications and deliberate on which groups to recommend to USL for recognition. Governing boards deliver recommendations for recognition, along with supplementary materials (constitutions/notes from meetings/etc), to USL. Any groups not moved forward for recognition after this step will be notified by their governing board.

  • April: USL determines which groups may be moved forward for recognition, and notifies said groups. Notification of recognition is given at the end of the Spring semester, for recognition to begin the following Fall semester. Any groups not moved forward for recognition after this step will be notified by their governing board.

  • September: Approved NGR Groups are officially recognized and receive an @columbia email address, a USL adviser, a Chartstring, and the ability to book space via Virtual EMS.


Requirements of Recognition for new groups include:

  1. Recommendation for recognition by a USL governing board (ABC, SGB, IGC), as well as meeting all of the governing board’s standard requirements for New Group Recognition.

  2. A mission statement for the group which is distinct from any current recognized student group, and which does not overlap with existing recognized student groups. 

  3. A Student Group Constitution submitted to, and ratified by, Columbia USL in compliance with all University and USL policies.

  4. An E-board consisting of at least ¾ undergraduate students (at CC, SEAS, BC, or GS), and a group makeup and mission that primarily serves the undergraduate population of Columbia.

If your group does not meet these requirements, you may be better suited for another governing board. For groups primarily/exclusively made up of Barnard students, please apply to GBB. If your group serves the graduate community or both the undergraduate and graduate communities, please apply to IGB.


Undergraduate Student Life and the governing boards will open applications if  physical space, club funding, and advising resources are available for new groups to help them succeed. Every effort will be made to open up applications in early Spring, hopeful to have groups recognized for the following Fall semester. 


More Information

Recognition - RSG Benefits and Maintaining Good Standing


Columbia Recognition entitles you to:

  1. Use of “Columbia” in your student group name, and including approved Columbia imagery on merchandise purchased for your group;

  2. The ability to book space and secure funding through allocation, Travel Funds, and other Funding Opportunities provided to recognized student groups;

  3. Nonprofit (501c3) tax exempt status for purchasing;

  4. An @columbia email alias (Google Group) for your group;

  5. Assignment to a USL Adviser who will support your group through all University processes and policies.



Requirements to maintain Recognition for existing RSGs include:

  1. Successful completion of Club ReFuel at least once per year (i.e. every other semester).

  2. Registering your student group at the start of each Fall semester via the Student Organization Survey (SOS), regardless of what semester Club ReFuel is completed. 

  3. Maintaining at least 2 active board member UNI emails on your group’s designated email alias 

    1. UNI emails must be added/changed by the RSG’s e-board members via Grouper when boards transition, and are not the responsibility of the group’s adviser or administration. Groups will be responsible for any missed communication if they fail to update their @columbia email’s board.

  4. Compliance with Columbia’s policies including (but not limited to) policies around spending, events, and travel.

  5. Maintained Recognition in good standing with your governing board (ABC, SGB, IGC).

Derecognition And Policies for Unrecognized Groups

After two (2) consecutive semesters of noncompliance with the requirements of recognition, groups will be automatically derecognized by USL. Groups may also be derecognized through the Student Group Adjudication Board (SGAB) process.

Groups who are flagged for derecognition due to non-completion of Club ReFuel will receive an email notifying them of the requirements to return to good standing. Any groups who fail to complete the requirements by the following semester will be derecognized. Derecognition emails will come from USL with governing board support 2 weeks after Club ReFuel closes.

If a group is derecognized (or not recognized, including groups seeking recognition) by Columbia, they may not:

  1. Utilize the Columbia name, including (but not limited to) in advertising, group name, email/gmail inboxes, and merchandise; this includes abbreviations such as “CU,” “CC,” “SEAS,” “Barnumbia,” etc.

  2. Book space on Columbia’s campus, nor have another group book space on their behalf, unless co-hosting an event with equal participation from both groups

  3. Participate in Activities Day

  4. [For derecognized groups] Spend any funding collected while as a part of the group via fundraisers, ticket sales, etc. Any revenue remaining in the group’s account at the time of derecognition will be held onto for 2 semesters

Applying for Re-Recognition

A group previously recognized by Columbia that has been derecognized must re-apply for recognition through our website; then, they must go through their governing board’s individual re-recognition processes, which may differ from NGR processes. Please contact your governing board for more information.


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