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Would you find it helpful to have a Columbia student to answer some of your questions about professors, courses, living in the residence halls, making friends, clubs and organizations, internships, living in New York? What about Columbia alumni helping you figure out if their career field is the right one for you? Then one of our mentoring opportunities can assist you in connecting with others who can share their experiences, help you navigate the University, and help you get acquainted to important resources.

  • Columbia Mentoring Initiative (CMI): Open to Columbia College and Columbia Engineering undergraduate students, CMI is an inter-generational mentorship program that connects first-year students (mentees) with returning students (mentors), and all students with alumni. In addition to program-wide intercultural events and collaborative activities for all participants, students have the opportunity to get involved in various "family trees": Arab & Middle Eastern Family Tree, Asian Family Tree, Black Family Tree, Indigenous Family Tree, Latinx Family Tree, LGBTQ Family Tree, International Family Tree, and Mixed Heritage Family Tree.
  • Odyssey Mentoring Program: Columbia College students and alumni can use our new online program to develop long-term mentoring relationships or short and informal connections that can enhance their network and resources.

Multicultural Affairs


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