ALPHA Standards of Excellence

The purpose of the ALPHA Standards of Excellence Program is to enhance the values, beliefs and practices of Fraternity and Sorority Life at Columbia University and recognize the accomplishments of outstanding chapters. By encouraging academic success, leadership development, philanthropy, community service and chapter management, Residential Life-Fraternity & Sorority Life seeks to reward chapters who exemplify excellence and continuously work towards making a positive impact on campus and the surrounding community while fulfilling the mission and vision of their respective organizations.

How to submit 2024 ALPHA Standards of Excellence:

Chapters should download the 2024 ALPHA Standards of Excellence Checklist for detailed instructions on the submission process for this ALPHA Standards year. 

Important Resources

2024 ALPHA Standards of Excellence Checklist
ALPHA Standards of Excellence Guidelines

Required Templates

Within this section you will find all templates required to successfully submit the 2024 ALPHA Standards of Excellence.  All templates must be filled out within Excel and submitted as Excel files with the exception of the New Member Anti-Hazing Compliance Form.

2024 Active Chapter Member Roster Template
     -Due at 9:00am the first Monday of the Spring & Fall semesters

2024 New Member Roster Template
     -Due within 48 hours of bid acceptance in Spring & Fall semesters

2024 New Member Anti-Hazing Compliance
     -Due within 48 hours of bid acceptance in Spring & Fall semesters

2024 Community Service Tracking Template
     -Due April 29th, 2024 for Spring semester & December 2, 2024 for Fall semester

2024 Educational Workshop Template
     -Used for all Educational Workshop requirements. Due December 2, 2024.

2024 Chapter Officer Report Template
     -Due 72 hours after elections

2024 Philanthropy Tracking Template
     -Due December 2, 2024


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