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Columbia's New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) is your first opportunity to experience life at Columbia as a student! NSOP will help you to feel at home in Morningside Heights, become familiar with the academic and co-curricular opportunities, learn about campus traditions, understand how to access campus resources and support services, and meet the Columbia community.

NSOP, required for all new students, begins your transition to the excitement, opportunities, and rigor of campus life. It is the first step of many designed to help you acclimate. Specifically, the aim of the program is to:

  • Establish a welcoming environment that creates a sense of belonging and community
  • Celebrate traditions that promote University spirit and pride
  • Acclimate students to the academic and cocurricular programs and resources to ensure success
  • Create a caring and celebrative community that embraces the multicultural facets of its members
  • Introduce students to the richness of the city and the surrounding community

NSOP 2016 Schedule

Columbia's 2016 NSOP schedule book is available below!

Not a fan of carrying around a schedule book? Do you have a smartphone or tablet? Then you should download NSOP’s FREE Guidebook App! Just visit the App Store on your phone, search for “Columbia University: CC & SEAS,” download the App, and you are good to go! We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with all of the useful features and adding all of the mandatory events to your phone’s calendar so you won’t forget them. You can also access the 2016 NSOP Guidebook online!





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