Planning an Accessible Event

This guide is produced by Multicultural Affairs, with the contributions of Sula Malina, Álvaro Gamio and Avi Edelman. A huge thank you to those who reviewed the guide and offered feedback and further content, including Columbia University's Alice! Health Promotion, Columbia University Disability Services, Grace Schleck BC'23 and Max Wei En Soh GSAS'20. 

This document represents best practices from Multicultural Affairs for creating inclusive, accessible and affirming environments for participants with disabilities. It may be updated periodically. To learn about compliance with ADA standards or to discuss accommodations, consult Disability Services or Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

References and Additional Resources

For more on creating accessible and inclusive spaces

For more on Columbia's policies around accessibility

For more on the Disability Justice Movement

For more on size diversity and fat phobia

For more on trigger and content warnings

For more on neurodiversity

Planning an Accessible Event

Cover of Planning an Accessible Event guidePlanning an Accessible Event

An integral part of building an anti-ableist Columbia is designing events, meetings and gatherings that are, from their inception, accessible. This publication provides guidance on planning and executing accessible advertising and media, physical spaces and presentations. It also includes a glossary and a list of additional resources for further exploration. 

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