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2021 Columbia Mentoring Initiative Mentor Application

UPDATE: Mentor applications for the 2021-2022 academic year are still being accepted for those interested in the following family trees:

  • Black Family Tree
  • Indigenous Family Tree
  • Mixed Heritage Family Tree

We are no longer accepting new applications for the Arab & Middle Eastern, Asian, International, Latinx and LGBTQ Family Trees as they are currently at capacity.


Columbia Mentoring Initiative (CMI) is an inter-generational mentorship program that connects first-year and transfer students (mentees) with returning students (mentors) and all students with alumni. CMI provides students the opportunity to get involved in various "family trees" within the program. Although participants will be asked to specify one family tree, we recognize the multiple identities of our students and provide opportunities for CMI participants to get involved in cross-cultural program-wide events. 

Position Description

Mentors are students chosen through an application process to work with Multicultural Affairs in supporting the Columbia Mentoring Initiative (CMI). Mentors offer guidance and support to first-year and transfer students on how to navigate Columbia University and successfully adjust to college life. Mentors contribute to the development of a family tree community by participating in a variety of social, cultural and educational events and building meaningful relationships with other members of the program. 


To apply for a mentor position, the applicant must be an enrolled student in Columbia College or Columbia Engineering and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.


  • Attend mandatory mentor training(s) and CMI program kick-off
  • Attend mid-semester mentor check-ins with Family Tree chair members and complete end of semester evaluations
  • Fully engage in, and help build, a strong family tree and CMI-wide community
    • Attend at least one family tree event per month and a minimum of two CMI-wide events per semester
  • Support the recruitment of first-year and transfer mentee participants in September
  • Sustain consistent communication with assigned mentee(s)
  • Take responsibility for maintaining a healthy and supportive relationship with assigned mentees(s)
  • Maintain consistent communication with Family Tree chairs, particularly on issues related to event attendance and progress of your mentee relationship(s)


  • Gain practical leadership and mentorship experience 
  • Network and build relationships with University administrators, faculty, staff and alumni
  • Give back to your community and create a welcoming campus environment for students at Columbia University
  • Connect to members of your community in meaningful ways

Selection Process

All applicants must submit a completed application to be considered for the mentor position. The application consists of personal information, campus/outside involvements (including with the CMI program) and short answers. Candidates who have not previously participated in CMI will be asked to meet with the Family Tree chairs for an interview. In addition, applicants will have their academic, community and disciplinary standing reviewed.

Multicultural Affairs


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