Programs and Resources for Students of Color

There are a number of resources available at Columbia that may interest students of color. Some of these resources are programs coordinated by Multicultural Affairs, cultural and identity based student organizations advised by Multicultural Affairs, groups and services connected through other departments, and academic programs throughout the University.

Campus Spaces

Audre Lorde Community Space

The Audre Lorde Community Space is part of Multicultural Affairs and is located in 505 Lerner. It houses staff offices, multipurpose programming space, conference rooms, and a TV lounge.

Intercultural Resource Center

The Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) is devoted to promoting a just society and exploring intercultural and diversity issues within and beyond the Columbia University community. The IRC provides a forum for education and social exchange that encourages self-discovery, increased social awareness and an appreciation of the cultural histories within and between communities on campus. We strive to equip students, faculty and staff with the tools necessary to empower themselves, successfully navigate their environments and positively impact the community at large. Learn more about our mission, goals and history.

The IRC is housed within two adjoining brownstones and includes meeting spaces, a residential community (the Intercultural House), a student-run library, a backyard garden and administrative offices.

Student of Color & LGBTQ Meeting Spaces in Lerner Hall

Student organizations whose missions and campus programming centers communities of color and LGBTQA+ communities have priority in hosting their meetings in Rooms 476A and 476B in Alfred Lerner Hall. These rooms are ideal for execuative board meetings, general membership meetings, and more intimate events up up to 30 people. Relevant groups can reserve the space Monday-Friday after 5:00 p.m. and on the weekends through EMS.

Malcolm X Lounge

The Malcolm X Lounge, honoring the life and work of one of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century, is located at 106 Hartley Hall.  The Malcolm X Lounge was established as a “Safe Space” for students of African descent during the 70’s and continues to be an intellectual, cultural and social safe haven for students from various backgrounds.

Many student organizations utilize this space for weekly general and executive board meetings.  The Lounge is home to the BSO library and serves as a study space.  Organizations interested in utilizing the Malcolm X Lounge for meetings, rehearsals, or other events may do so by contacting the Malcolm X Lounge Manager.

Stephen Donaldson Lounge

The Stephen Donaldson Lounge, located on the ground floor of Schapiro Residence Hall, is a space for LGBTQ programming and community building. We recognize the legacy of activism by queer and transgender students and student organizations at Columbia that led to the creation and establishment of this community space.

Originally located in an empty room in the Furnald Hall basement, the then-named “Gay Lounge” was the unofficial gathering space of the Student Homophile League (Columbia Queer Alliance’s predecessor) for gay students since Spring 1971. The space became an important refuge for students to find both community and safety. Overcoming campus opposition and resistance at the time, the Student Homophile League successfully lobbied and received support for official recognition in June 1972, making it the first LGBTQ student lounge on a college campus.

The Gay Lounge was renamed on November 15, 1996 in honor of Stephen Donaldson, the founder of the Student Homophile League. In Fall 2017, the Stephen Donaldson Lounge relocated to the more visible and accessible Schapiro Hall space reflecting the growth and greater recognition of the queer and trans community at Columbia.


Residential Communities

In addition to the Intercultural House through Multicultural Affairs, Residential Life offers the following special interest communities:

  • Casa Latin@
  • Indigihouse (Native and indigenous community)
  • Pan-African House

 Get information about recruitment and house descriptions.

Offices & Departments

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