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Advisers and Governing Boards

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Student Group NameGoverning BoardAdviseremail
180 Degrees ConsultingStudent Governing BoardNaja L.
4x4 MagazineActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
Active MindsStudent Governing Board John
Activities Board at ColumbiaActivities Board at ColumbiaKyrena
African Development GroupStudent Governing BoardJacquis
African Students AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Jacquis
Alexander Hamilton SocietyStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
AlianzaActivities Board at Columbia Ileana
AllSexActivities Board at Columbia Vanessa
Alpha Chi OmegaInterGreek Council Sixto
Alpha Delta PhiInterGreek Council Yvonne
Alpha Epsilon PiInterGreek Council Sixto
Alpha Omicron PiInterGreek Council Ryan
Alpha Phi AlphaInterGreek Council Yvonne
American Enterprise Institute @ ColumbiaStudent Governing Board Naja L.
American Institute of Aeronautics and AstronauticsActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
American Institute of Chemical EngineersActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
American Medical Students AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Jacqueline
American Physician Scientist AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Naja L.
American Society of Civil EngineersActivities Board at Columbia Simone
American Society of Mechanical EngineersActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Amnesty InternationalStudent Governing Board Naja L.
Anime ClubActivities Board at Columbia Aaron
Apollo SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
Application Development InitiativeActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Architecture SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Simone
Armenian ClubActivities Board at Columbia Alison
ArtCActivities Board at Columbia Ashley
Artist SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
Asian/Pacific American Heritage MonthActivities Board at Columbia Alison
Asian American AllianceActivities Board at Columbia Jacquis
Association of Computing MachineryActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
Bach SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Baha'i ClubStudent Governing Board Simone
Columbia Ballet CollaborativeActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Barnard/Columbia Design For AmericaStudent Governing Board Cliff
CU RaqsActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Beta Theta PiInterGreek Council Yvonne
Beyond The Box InitiativeStudent Governing Board Simone
Bhakti ClubStudent Governing Board Josh
BhangraActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Biomedical Engineering SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
BirchActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
Black History MonthActivities Board at Columbia Jacquis
Black Students OrganizationActivities Board at Columbia Jacquis
Black Theatre EnsembleActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Blockchain at ColumbiaActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Blue and WhiteActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Blue Key Society--Simone
Brazilian SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Ileana
Buddhist Lamrim Study GroupStudent Governing Board Kyrena
Build-OnStudent Governing Board Simone
Camp KesemStudent Governing Board Moni
Canterbury Club (Episcopalian Society)Student Governing Board Kyrena
Caribbean Students AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Jacquis
Catholic UndergraduatesStudent Governing Board Simone
Columbia College Student CouncilColumbia College Student CouncilJosh
Columbia College Student Council Class of 2024Columbia College Student CouncilNaja L.
Columbia College Student Council Class of 2021Columbia College Student CouncilMarnie Whalen
Columbia College Student Council Class of 2022Columbia College Student CouncilNaja L.
Columbia College Student Council Class of 2023Columbia College Student CouncilMarnie Whalen
Columbia College Student Council Vice President of Campus LifeColumbia College Student CouncilSimone
Columbia Financial Investment GroupActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
Chabad Student NetworkStudent Governing Board Simone
Chandler Society for Undergraduate ChemistryActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
Charles Drew Pre-Medical SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
Chess ClubActivities Board at Columbia Levi
ChicanX CaucusActivities Board at Columbia Ileana
Chinese Students ClubActivities Board at Columbia Alison
Chowdah Sketch Comedy TroupeActivities Board at Columbia MJ Zhou
Columbia Investment Banking DivisionActivities Board at Columbia Aaron
CIRCAStudent Governing Board Simone
Classical PerformersActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
ClefhangersActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Club BanglaActivities Board at Columbia Avi
Club ZamanaActivities Board at Columbia Avi
Coalition Against Sexual ViolenceStudent Governing Board Haley
Code OrangeStudent Governing Board Kyrena
College DemocratsStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
College LibertariansStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
College RepublicansStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
ColloquiaStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
ColorCode: Technology & EntrepreneurshipStudent Governing Board Julia Henriques
Columbia Quant GroupActivities Board at Columbia Michaelangelo
Columbia Against Modern SlaveryStudent Governing Board Julia Henriques
Columbia AhimsaStudent Governing Board Moni
Columbia Association for Women in MathematicsActivities Board at Columbia Naja L.
Columbia Association of Pre-Dental StudentsActivities Board at Columbia Jacqueline
Columbia Be the MatchStudent Governing Board Naja L.
Columbia Bioethics SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Aaron
Columbia China DanceActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Columbia China Law Business AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
Christian Union LumineStudent Governing Board Moni
Columbia Community OutreachStudent Governing Board Simone
The Columbia WitnessStudent Governing Board Kyrena
Columbia Debate SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Naja L.
Columbia Divest for Climate JusticeStudent Governing Board Kyrena
Columbia EATActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
Columbia Economics ReviewActivities Board at Columbia Phil
Columbia ESportsActivities Board at Columbia Jacqueline
Columbia European SocietyStudent Governing Board Josh
Columbia Financial Analysts ClubActivities Board at Columbia Josh
Columbia Game Design and DevelopmentActivities Board at Columbia Josh
Columbia iQStudent Governing Board Vanessa
Columbia Iranian Students AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Vanessa
Columbia Musical Theatre SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Columbia NourishStudent Governing Board Cliff
Columbia Organization of Rising EntrepreneursActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Columbia Photography AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
Columbia Photography SocietyActivities Board at Columbia MJ Zhou
Columbia Political UnionStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
Columbia PopsActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Columbia Por ColombiaActivities Board at Columbia Ileana
Columbia Public Health ClubStudent Governing Board Simone
Columbia Queer and Asian (Q&A)Student Governing Board Vanessa
Columbia Queer Business SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Michaelangelo
Columbia Recovery CoalitionStudent Governing Board Ashley
Columbia ReflectStudent Governing Board Haley
Columbia ReviewActivities Board at Columbia Phil
Columbia Social Entrepreneurship GroupStudent Governing Board Naja L.
Columbia Society for Physics StudentsActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
Columbia Space InitiativeActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Columbia Sports Business SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Aaron
Columbia Students for International ServiceStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
Columbia Sunrise MovementStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
Columbia Undergraduate Consulting ClubActivities Board at Columbia Aaron
Columbia Undergraduate Journal of Global HealthStudent Governing Board Veronica
Columbia University Anscombe SocietyStudent Governing Board Kyrena
Columbia University Debate UnionActivities Board at Columbia Moni
Columbia University Fashion SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Simone
Columbia University Food BankStudent Governing Board Ashley
Columbia University Smile TrainStudent Governing Board Cliff
Columbia University Students for Human RightsStudent Governing Board Kyrena
Columbia University Systems BiologyActivities Board at Columbia Naja L.
Columbia University Women in Law and PoliticsStudent Governing Board Moni
Columbia Vegan SocietyStudent Governing Board Simone
Columbia Venture PartnersActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Columbia Women's Entrepreneurship GroupStudent Governing Board Kyrena
Columbia-Barnard Jewish Voice for PeaceStudent Governing Board Kyrena
ColumbiaVotesStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
Compass Christian KoinoniaStudent Governing Board Moni
Consult Your Community - Columbia UniversityStudent Governing Board Simone
Conversio ViriumActivities Board at Columbia Vanessa
Columbia Queer AllianceStudent Governing Board Vanessa
CU Environmental Biology SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Simone
CU Family Support NetworkStudent Governing Board Ashley
CU Financial EngineeringActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
CU GenerationActivities Board at Columbia Emily
CU MomentumActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
CU NAACPStudent Governing Board Jacquis
CU PlayersActivities Board at Columbia Emily
CU RecordsActivities Board at Columbia Phil
CU Red CrossStudent Governing Board Moni
CU SewaStudent Governing Board Moni
CU Sketch ShowActivities Board at Columbia MJ Zhou
CU Society of Hip HopActivities Board at Columbia Emily
CU SurActivities Board at Columbia Emily
CU TaikoActivities Board at Columbia Emily
CU LiNKStudent Governing Board Simone
CUINFORMSActivities Board at Columbia Josh
Culinary SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Naja L.
Dance MarathonStudent Governing Board Aaron
Delta GammaInterGreek Council Sixto
Delta Sigma PhiInterGreek Council Sixto
Delta Sigma ThetaInterGreek Council Ryan
DhoomActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Divest BarnardStudent Governing Board Kyrena
Delta Kappa Alpha (DKA) Professional Cinema SocietyaActivities Board at Columbia Aaron
Double Discovery Students OrganizationStudent Governing Board John
Double ExposureActivities Board at Columbia Phil
Economics SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
Engineering Student CouncilEngineering Student CouncilJosh
Engineering Student Council Class of 2024Engineering Student CouncilNaja L.
Engineering Student Council Class of 2021Engineering Student CouncilMarnie Whalen
Engineering Student Council Class of 2022Engineering Student CouncilNaja L.
Engineering Student Council Class of 2023Engineering Student CouncilMarnie Whalen
Engineering Student Council Vice President of Student LifeEngineering Student CouncilSimone
Engineers Without BordersActivities Board at Columbia Michaelangelo
Ethio-Eritrean Student AssociationsActivities Board at Columbia Jacquis
European Horizons at Columbia UniversityActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
Falun Dafa Club at Columbia UniversityStudent Governing Board Aaron
Federalist PaperActivities Board at Columbia Phil
FeelGood CUStudent Governing Board Kyrena
Ferris Reel Film SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Aaron
Film ProductionActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
First-Generation and/or Low-Income NetworkStudent Governing Board Ileana
First RoboticsStudent Governing Board Cliff
French Cultural SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Ileana
Fruit PaunchActivities Board at Columbia MJ Zhou
GadflyActivities Board at Columbia Phil
Games ClubActivities Board at Columbia MJ Zhou
Gamma Phi BetaInterGreek Council Yvonne
GendeRevolutionStudent Governing Board Vanessa
General Studies Student Council--Sean
General Studies Student Council Senior ClassGeneral Studies Student CouncilJawad
German Cultural SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Avi
Girls Who CodeStudent Governing Board Marnie Whalen
Glee ClubActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Global BrigadesStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
Global China ConnectionActivities Board at Columbia Alison
Global Youth Mentorship InitiativeStudent Governing Board Haley
GlobeMedStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
Gosh Yarn ItActivities Board at Columbia Jacqueline
Gospel ChoirActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Grupo QuisqueyanoStudent Governing Board Ileana
GS AllianceStudent Governing Board Ashley
Haitian Students AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Jacquis
HeForShe at Columbia UniversityStudent Governing Board Marnie Whalen
Helvidius (Journal of Politics and Society)Activities Board at Columbia Veronica
HillelStudent Governing Board ----
Hindu Students OrganizationStudent Governing Board Simone
Hong Kong Students and Scholars SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Alison
Institute of Electronics and Electrical EngineersActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Interfaith CollectiveStudent Governing Board Aaron
Interfraternity CouncilInterGreek Council Ryan
InterGreek CouncilInterGreek Council Yvonne
Barnard-Columbia SocialistsStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Student Governing Board Josh
Inwood Academic TutoringStudent Governing Board Haley
Interpublications AllianceActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
Japan SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Alison
Jazz HouseActivities Board at Columbia Cliff
Jester of ColumbiaActivities Board at Columbia Phil
John Jay Debate SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
Journal of Literary CriticismActivities Board at Columbia Phil
Jubilation!Student Governing Board Moni
Kappa Alpha ThetaInterGreek Council Sixto
Kappa Delta RhoInterGreek Council Sixto
Kappa Phi LambdaInterGreek Council Ryan
Kings Crown Shakespeare TroupeActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
KingsmenActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Korean Campus Crusade for ChristStudent Governing Board Moni
Korean International Society for Academics and CareerActivities Board at Columbia Josh
Korean Students AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Alison
Koreans in General StudiesActivities Board at Columbia Ashley
Lambda Phi EpsilonInterGreek Council Yvonne
Lambda Pi ChiInterGreek Council Yvonne
Latinx Heritage MonthActivities Board at Columbia Ileana
Latinx Professional Education NetworkActivities Board at Columbia Naja L.
Latter Day Saints AssociationStudent Governing Board Moni
Lean InActivities Board at Columbia Naja L.
Liga FilipinaActivities Board at Columbia Avi
Link Scholars Student CommitteeStudent Governing Board Simone
Lion DanceActivities Board at ColumbiaAndrew
LUCHAStudent Governing Board Kyrena
Mālama Hawai'iActivities Board at ColumbiaMelinda
MetrotonesActivities Board at ColumbiaAndrew
Mixed Heritage SocietyActivities Board at ColumbiaJacquis
Mock TrialActivities Board at ColumbiaNaja L.
Model CongressActivities Board at ColumbiaNaja L.
Multicultural Business AssociationActivities Board at ColumbiaSimone
Multicultural Greek CouncilInterGreek CouncilYvonne
Muslim Students AssociationStudent Governing BoardMelinda
Muslin Afro Niyyah Students Association Jacquis
National Society of Black EngineersActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Native American CouncilActivities Board at Columbia Melinda
Native American Heritage MonthActivities Board at Columbia Melinda
Neuroscience SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Naja L.
New MusicActivities Board at Columbia Emily
NightlineActivities Board at Columbia Josh
No Red TapeStudent Governing Board Marnie Whalen
Non SequiterActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Notes and KeysActivities Board at Columbia Emily
One for the World ColumbiaStudent Governing Board Cliff
Onyx Dance TroupeActivities Board at Columbia Emily
OrchesisActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Order of OmegaInterGreek Council Sixto
Organization of Pakistani StudentsActivities Board at Columbia Avi
Orthodox Christian FellowshipStudent Governing Board Moni
Outdoors ClubActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Panhellenic CouncilInterGreek Council Ryan
Peer Health ExchangeStudent Governing Board Haley
Performing Arts LeagueActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Phi Gamma DeltaInterGreek Council Ryan
Phi Iota AlphaInterGreek Council Sixto
Philolexian SocietyStudent Governing Board Aaron
Planned Parenthood Generation at ColumbiaActivities Board at Columbia Simone
Polish Student Society at Columbia UniversityActivities Board at Columbia Avi
Political Science Students AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Levi
Postcrypt Art GalleryStudent Governing Board Haley
Postcrypt Coffee HouseStudent Governing Board Phil
Pre-Law SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Naja L.
Pre-Medical AssociationGeneral Studies Student CouncilSean
Proud ColorsStudent Governing Board Vanessa
Queer Awareness MonthActivities Board at Columbia Vanessa
Quest Scholar NetworkStudent Governing Board Ileana
Quiz BowlActivities Board at Columbia Naja L.
RaasActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
RATROCKActivities Board at Columbia Phil
Raw ElementzActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Reformed University FellowshipStudent Governing Board Aaron
Remnant Christian FellowshipStudent Governing Board Moni
Right to LifeStudent Governing Board Simone
RobogalsStudent Governing Board Naja L.
RoboticsActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Roosevelt InstituteStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
Russian International AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Avi
SaborActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Sci-InspireStudent Governing Board Cliff
Science Fiction SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Aaron
Science ReviewActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
Scientists and Engineers for a Better SocietyStudent Governing Board Simone
Service to SchoolStudent Governing Board David
SHARPActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Sigma ChiInterGreek Council Sixto
Sigma Delta TauInterGreek Council Sixto
Sigma Lambda GammaInterGreek Council Ryan
Sigma NuInterGreek Council Sixto
Sigma Phi EpsilonInterGreek Council Sixto
Sign Language ClubActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
Singapore Students AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Avi
Smash Bros. ClubActivities Board at Columbia Levi
Society for the Advancement of Underrepresented FilmmakersActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Columbia University Formula RacingActivities Board at Columbia Michaelangelo
Society of Hispanic Professional EngineersActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Society of International UndergraduatesActivities Board at Columbia Alison
Society of Women EngineersActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Sounds of ChinaActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
South Slavic Cultural SocietyStudent Governing Board Alison
SpectraActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
Splash Educational OutreachStudent Governing Board John
STRIVEStudent Governing Board Josh
Student Governing Board--Kyrena
Student Organization of LatinxsActivities Board at Columbia Ileana
Student Union for Sustainable DevelopmentActivities Board at Columbia Simone
Student Worker SolidarityStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
Students for Justice in PalestineStudent Governing Board Kyrena
Students Organize for SyriaStudent Governing Board Vanessa
Students Supporting IsraelStudent Governing Board Michaelangelo
SymposiumStudent Governing Board Levi
TaalActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Taiwanese American Students AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Alison
Terence Cardinal Cooke At Your Service Volunteer ProgramStudent Governing Board Naja L.
Thai SabaiActivities Board at Columbia Avi
The American Cancer SocietyStudent Governing Board Cliff
The Columbia LionActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
The CulinarianActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
The CurrentStudent Governing Board Kyrena
The Sapna ProjectStudent Governing Board Avi
Third Wheel ImprovActivities Board at Columbia Emily
TurathActivities Board at Columbia Vanessa
Turkish Students AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Alison
Ukrainian Students SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Avi
Undergraduate Committee on Global ThoughtActivities Board at Columbia Kyrena
Undergraduate Law ReviewActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
Undergraduate Science JournalActivities Board at Columbia Veronica
UNICEFStudent Governing Board Cliff
University Bible FellowshipStudent Governing Board Josh
UntappedActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Up 'til DawnStudent Governing Board Cliff
Uptown VocalActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
US Milvets of CUActivities Board at Columbia David
Varsity ShowActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Venom StepActivities Board at Columbia Andrew
Veritas ForumStudent Governing Board Josh
Vietnamese Students AssociationActivities Board at Columbia Avi
Vivace Chamber SingersActivities Board at Columbia Emily
VoltageActivities Board at Columbia Aaron
Wind EnsembleActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Women in Computer ScienceActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Womens Business SocietyActivities Board at Columbia Marnie Whalen
Womens History MonthActivities Board at Columbia Simone
WushuActivities Board at Columbia Emily
Yearbook--Marnie Whalen
Youth For DebateStudent Governing Board Moni
Zeta Beta TauInterGreek Council Ryan

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