Student Group Adjudication Board Member Responsibilities

​The Student Group Adjudication Board (SGAB) members review incidents related to student groups and organizations. The duties of each member are as follows:

Chair Responsibilities (Student Position)

  • Present information to the board and make procedural rulings
  • Approve board minutes
  • Prepare a written decision of the board’s findings of fact; the outcome of the hearing; and the rationale for the decision
  • Forward the written decision to the administrator within 48 hours of the hearing

Vice Chair/Recorder Responsibilities (Student Position)

  • Take minutes during the hearing
  • In the event the chair cannot attend a hearing, the vice chair will act as chair
    • In the event that both the chair and vice chair cannot attend a hearing, a designated board member will step in to run the proceedings

Adviser Responsibilities, Assistant Director of Student Engagement (Staff Position)

  • Investigate all submitted reports regarding student organizations
  • Train, assist, and advise the chair of the adjudication board in the performance of their responsibilities and consult with them regarding the adjudication board’s decision
  • Notify organization president(s) when an organization neglects to complete a board sanction and indicate that a follow-up hearing and additional sanction(s) may be imposed if the organization fails to comply with the sanction
  • Notify the administrator when an organization neglects to complete a board sanction
  • Maintain appropriate organization records

Administrator Responsibilities, Associate Dean for Student & Family Support (Staff Position)

  • Investigate all complaints regarding student organizations in consultation with adviser and Undergraduate Student Life (USL) staff
  • The chair of the adjudication board will consult with the adviser or administrator in regard to the Adjudication Board’s decision
    • The Administrator is responsible for confirming the decision is appropriate given the information reviewed
  • Advise all organizations regarding the adjudication process
  • Maintain appropriate organization records
  • Refer matters of individual behavior to Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS)

Appellate Officer Responsibilities, Executive Director of Student Engagement (Staff Position)

  • Consider appeals based on the following grounds:
    • Appeal is submitted within five (5) business days of the release of the decision
      • Note: A group or organization is only allowed to appeal a decision once
    • New information unavailable at the time of the hearing
    • Concerns with the process that materially affect the outcome
    • Sanctions that are disproportionate to the nature of the offense
  • Release a decision within five (5) business days