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Borrowing Agreement

The Student Group Borrowing Agreement outlines the rules and expectations for the use of the Props and Costume Cages. Each group checking out items from the Props or Costume Cages is required to have at least one group representative, preferably the producer, president, props master, or costume designer, sign the agreement for each event for which they are borrowing items. The groups advisor will be notified . Although only one student group representative is required to sign the agreement on behalf of the group, each member who checks out items, and the group as a whole, is expected to know and abide by the information below.  The group as a whole will be be held responsible and liable should any rules, expectations or policies not be met. This includes but is not limited to fees being charged to the group account or the group no longer being allowed to use the resources in the future. If, however, an individual(s) in a group is repeatedly having issues meeting the rules, policies, and expectations, the Black Box Theatre has the right to restrict the individual(s) from using the resources in the future and holding the individual student(s) responsible for any fees or charges. A group representative will be expected to sign this agreement before or during the first appointment to access the Cages.

The group representatives will sign a digital copy of this agreement during the first appoitment to access to Props Cages or Costume Closet. 

Printable Borrowing Agreement Form

  • Access to the Props Cages or Costume Closet is by appointment only during the allotted hours
  • Props and costumes may be checked out by representatives or members of any recognized undergraduate student group at no cost to the individual or organization, with exception to washing or dry cleaning all costumes regardless of us
  • Student groups do not need to have a reservation in the Black Box Theatre to use the resources


  • Access to the Props or Costume Cages is during the allotted hours by appointment only via the online link
  • If a group representative is unavailable during the allotted hours, they must email the Black Box Theatre Manager to schedule a time outside of those hours
  • Appointments are required to do any of the following:
    • Check-Out or Check-In/Return items
    • Browsing or Tagging/Reserving Items
    • Needs or inquiries for emergency or temporary storage
    • Donations of items

 Reserving and Tagging Items

  • Student groups are allowed to reserve items in advance via the tagging system
  • Tagging can only be done in-person
  • All tagged items must be logged in the reservation system by a member of the Management Team
  • Groups may pre-select items for tagging to reserve them for a period of time, however other groups can use those items before or after your reservation period
  • Tagging is done on a first come, first served basis
  • Groups are not to remove or modify tags on items other groups have tagged if it conflicts with their potential reservation dates
  • Expired tags should be removed and thrown away
  • Tags should not be thrown on the floor of the cages or costume closet or left on the items after the reservations dates have passed.

Checking-Out Items

  • The checking-out of items must be done in person and by appointment only
  • All checked-out items from the costume cage are required to be washed or dry cleaned with proof of receipt regardless of being used
  • A due date will be agreed upon by both the group member and Black Box Theatre Team, and must include time to have all items washed or dry cleaned
  • The Black Box Theatre Manager will review all rules, policies and expectations upon check-out
  • The selected items for check-out will be recorded in the inventory spreadsheet and signed out by the group member
  • Once checked-out all items fall under the responsibility of the group and the representative checking them out
  • An email will be sent by the Black Box Theatre Management Team to the group and student representative with a copy of the contract, summary of items checked out and outline of due dates

Checking-In/Returning Items & Associated Fee’s

  • The checking-in/returning of items must be done in person and by appointment only
  • Props and costumes need to be officially checked in with a member of the Management Team and should NOT be dropped off or left if the Black Box Theatre Manager is not present.  This includes their office, the 515 suite, the theatre, dressing rooms, or the storage area
    • Groups will be charged a $75 fee for items left or dropped off without checking them in, regardless of the reason
  • Items must be clean and in original or better condition upon return
  • Props and costumes are not to be changed, modified or altered in any way without previous approval by the Black Box Theatre Management Team (conditions may apply)
  • All items must be returned by the designated return date/appointment time, which must allot proper time for the washing/dry cleaning of all costumes
  • Each item will be inspected by the Black Box Theatre Management Team upon return
  • After inspection, the group member will return each item to its proper location in the cages in an organized fashion
    • If item(s) are not returned and/or placed neatly in their proper location the group account will be automatically be charged a $75 organizational fee
  • Return(s) are not necessary for materials that are for one time use (ie. paint, glue, wrapping paper etc.).  The Management Team will make note of this on the inventory sheet

Cleaning and Dry Cleaning of Costumes

  • All costumes being checked-out are required to be cleaned or dry-cleaned upon return at the expense of the group. A receipt and FTF must be shown to verify.
  • Returning costumes that have not been washed or dry cleaned will result in:
    • An automatic $25 cleaning fee per item to the group
    • The group no longer having access to the Costume Cages for the next 2 semesters

Late Returns & Associated Fee's 

  • All items that are not returned during the appointment time are considered late and will result in a potential late fee charged to the student group
  • If items are not returned by the original due date appointment:
    • The Black Box Theatre Management Team will send a reminder email to the student/group with a summary list of borrowed items, a copy of the agreement form and the link to schedule a new appointment by a certain deadline
    • If an appointment and return is not made by the deadline, the Management Team will send a 3rd email with final due date with the following consequences:
      • Automatic charge to the group to replace each item, cost will be determined by Management Team  
      • A $100 penalty fee
      • No access to the Props or Costume Cages for the  next 2 semesters
    • The $100 penalty fee and restriction to use the cages apply regardless if the item(s) are returned after the 3rd email has been sent  
    • The group will be required to make an appointment and meet with the Black Box Theatre Manager to discuss the charges.  Failure to make an appointment and/or show up will results in:
      • An automatic charge for each item to the groups account
      • An additional $100 penalty fee to the original $100 penalty fee (total of a $200 penalty fee)
      • Your group no longer having access to the cages
    • If your group returns items by this time you will not be charged the replacement cost, however you will still pay the $200 penalty fee and will be banned from using the closet for the next 2 semesters

Missing, Lost, Damaged, Altered or Broken Items

  • Items that are lost, damaged, altered/changed without permission or broken will result in a fee charged to the student group upon return to replace every item
  • Groups may also lose the ability to use the cages for the next 2 semesters
  • Groups are allowed to replace lost, broken, altered, or damaged items with the approval of the Black Box Theatre Manager at the groups expense without incurring further charges or being banned from using cages as long as the items are replaced on or before the original due date

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