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First Year Area

Welcome to the First Year Area (FYA)! All first-year CC & SEAS students residing on campus live in the FYA.  Carman, John Jay, Furnald, and the Living Learning Center (LLC - Hartley & Wallach Halls) are the residence halls that make up the FYA. FYA live-in staffs provide strong community building and programs designed to provide peer-to-peer engagement and learning. All residential options offer an opportunity to engage with faculty outside of the classroom

Within the FYA you will find a number of dining options ranging from John Jay Dining Hall to Blue Java Coffee Bar in Butler Library to Ferris Booth. The close proximity of Lerner Hall makes picking up mail and packages easy.

Scott Helfrich, an Associate Director for Residential Life oversees the area. Each hall is staffed by a Residence Hall Director (RHD) or Graduate Hall Director (GHD), a Community Adviser (CA), and Resident Advisors (RAs). A trained RA lives on nearly every floor. The staff are committed to helping you make a successful transition to Columbia, to becoming familiar with the Morningside Community, and experiencing what the greater community of NYC has to offer.

The main Residential Life Hub for the First Year Area is located in 111 Wallach Hall. 

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Residential Life


515 Alfred Lerner Hall
2920 Broadway
New York, NY 10027 

Call: (212) 854-6805

Fax: (212) 854-6815

Office Hours

9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.


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