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Jumpstarting Aspiring Developers and Entrepreneurs (JADE)

2017 JADE Participants at Spotify

The 2020 Jumpstarting Aspiring Developers and Entrepreneurs program will take place from Sunday, January 12Saturday, January 18. Applications for first-year participants are now open!

Jumpstarting Aspiring Developers and Entrepreneurs (JADE) is a week-long immersive program for first-year students of all backgrounds in the tech and startup ecosystem of New York City. Through visits and discussions with companies of varying sizes that span numerous industries, students will gain insight to the growth of startups and how they can dive into the tech and entrepreneurship space. Web development lessons will guide participants in acquiring tangible skills through building their own websites. By meeting and networking with founders, investors and company employees, participants will learn how these skills can translate into future professions.

In previous years, JADE participants have visited companies such as Google, Facebook, Spotify, New York Times, Flatiron Health, General Catalyst and Rent the Runway. Together, participants will also explore NYC through various activities, building a community with other passionate students.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What sort of web development will we learn?

We focus on teaching introductory web development skills. Participants will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Github. The week will culminate with students developing their own personal websites.

How large is the program?

The program includes 20 first-year participants and is coordinated by 5 upperclassmen. The program adviser is Marnie Whalen, assistant director of Student Engagement.

What does a day in the JADE program entail?

In the morning, students receive instruction based on a web development curriculum for beginners. During the day, students will be visiting offices and meeting founders and other employees who will speak to them about the startup world. In the evening, after dinner and discussion, students will be taken on excursions in different parts of the city.

What is the program fee?

The program fee is $100.00 per student and covers food, transportation, and night activities during the week. Our application process is completely need-blind.  We are able to offer financial aid support to students with a demonstated need.

What sorts of companies will we visit?

We will visit small startups, Fortune 500 companies, incubators/accelerators, and venture capital firms whose industries span various sectors.

Who can apply to participate in JADE?

All current first-year undergraduate students in BC, CC, and SEAS are eligible to apply for the program.  All majors are encouraged to apply, as we want to focus on students who have had minimal exposure to the startup and tech ecosystem of New York! 

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