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Traveling Recognition Award

For the 202021 academic year, the Traveling Recognition Award will not be awarded. The National Residence Hall Honorary will begin awarding it again in Fall 2021. 

The Traveling Recognition Award is sponsored by the Columbia National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and recognizes the contributions of a specific residential community (hall or sub-area) towards the NRHH's mission of building a culture of appreciation within the Columbia community at large.

Every month, the Traveling Recognition Award moves to a different community based on the following scoring system:

  • Every Of-the-Month nomination for the given month associated with a community increases the point score for that community by one point
  • Every Of-the-Month winner for the given month associated with the community increases that community's point score by an additional five points
  • The total point score is then divided by the number of residents within the community; the community with the highest "weighted score" wins the Traveling Recognition Award for a given month

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