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The fraternity and sorority community at Columbia University strives to foster a holistic collegiate experience that will strengthen a commitment to life-long membership and our alma mater.

Here is a sampling of what members are saying:

"As a member of my organization, being Greek means being able to express one’s individuality with pride, and therefore encouraging diversity and inclusion within all that we do (and passing on such values to future generations of our members). It also means being a scholar, a leader, a person involved in philanthropic efforts, and generally, a well rounded, empowered woman." - sorority member

"The Greek community at Columbia encourages social growth and development, provides an outlet to give back to our community, and demands high academic standards of its members."- fraternity member

"As a member of the Columbia University community, being Greek means being a positive contribution to the life of the students and faculty on campus. It’s about bringing leadership skills learned within Greek life to various other on-campus activities (from athletics to community service clubs) and vice versa." -sorority member

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