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New Student Sendoffs

116th Street Gates at Columbia University

Meet members of your Columbia community now, at a virtual Summer Sendoff — a gathering where you can connect with fellow incoming classmates, and where current students and alumni will share their stories, insights and advice.

Students can join any sendoff regardless of their geographic location. Click on each date for details and registration information.

You can attend one or more — it's your choice. See you on Zoom!

Registration Information

You are welcome to join the event that is most convenient for you, whether that's the sendoff closest to your geographic region or the sendoff offered at the most agreeable date and time. It’s up to you!

More events will be added below as they are confirmed.

Please Note: If possible, students and parents are encouraged to register separately and to log in using different devices to participate in the sendoff. This will help us to facilitate the breakout rooms.

Breakout Rooms

Facilitated online via Zoom, each sendoff will have several "breakout rooms," dedicated virtual areas where participants can interact with hosts and with one another and can have their questions answered. We will offer one breakout room for parents of incoming students that will be hosted by staff from Family Outreach and Support, Alumni Relations and Admissions. All other breakout rooms will be solely for incoming students and will be hosted by current students and alumni.

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