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Parking and Unloading on College Walk

Unloading Vehicles on College Walk

If a student organization would like to have event related materials loaded or unloaded from a vehicle on College Walk, they should send an email to their advisor and include the following information:

  • The date and time that the vehicle will arrive at College Walk 
  • What is being loaded or unloaded 
  • A description of the vehicle (Make, Model and Licence Plate Number)
  • What company is involved and name of driver

Your advisor will work with Public Safety to make any possible arrangementments. Parking on College Walk is prohibited unless granted an exception by Public Safey. 

Parking Around Campus

On-Campus Parking

Parking on campus is generally not allowed. If you would like to arrange parking for a speaker or guest for an event in one of the Columbia University’s parking facilities, please work with your advisor.  

Local Parking Options

There are many private parking garages within walking distance around the Columbia University community.  

A partial list of available parking establishments includes: 

Claremont Parking Corp. Riverside Church 120th St. between Claremont Ave & Riverside Dr.Open from 6am – 12 Midnight(212) 870-6736   E&B Operating Group137 West 108th St. between Columbus & Amsterdam Ave.Open 24/7(212) 865-8315   Propark Parking 512-520 West 112th St. between Broadway & Amsterdam Ave.Open from 6am – 12 Midnight(212) 865-1754   GMC Garage532 West 122nd St. between Broadway & Amsterdam Ave.Open from 6am – 12 Midnight(212) 961-1075 MTP Parking627 West 125th St. between Broadway & 125 StreetOpen from 6am – 2am(212) 866-7040   QuikPark276 W. 97 Street between Broadway and West End AvenueOpen24/7(212) 961-1925   Park Yorkshire Garage151 West 108th St. between Columbus & Amsterdam Ave.Open 24/7(212) 865-2314   MTP Parking69 St. Clair Place between W 125 Street & Hudson RiverOpen24/7(212)665-4929   West Side Parking234 West 108th St. between Broadway & Amsterdam Ave.Open from 7am – 2am(212) 222-8800   More Than Parking (MTP)631-635 West 131 Street between Broadway & 12th AvenueOpen from 7am-1am(212) 368-2579   Manhattan Parking110 LLC 543 W. 110 Street between Broadway & AmsterdamOpen24/7(212) 222-7813   Convenient Parking215 W. 95 Street between Broadway & AmsterdamOpen 24/7(212)864-8901

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