Diversity Education and Training

Our diversity education and training programs are designed to encourage dialogue and interaction among students about issues related to diversity. We believe that an understanding of the differences and similarities that Columbia community members bring to our campus make for better relationships between community members and foster a richer educational environment. With a proactive rather than reactive approach to diversity education, we seek to build competencies and thought processes among Columbia students that prepare them for life in a diverse community at Columbia and beyond. Diversity education takes many forms at Columbia including facilitated discussions, workshops, guest speakers and more.


Cover of Planning an Accessible Event guidePlanning an Accessible Event

An integral part of building an anti-ableist Columbia is designing events, meetings and gatherings that are, from their inception, accessible. This publication provides guidance on planning and executing accessible advertising and media, physical spaces and presentations. It also includes a glossary and a list of additional resources for further exploration. 

Download our guide to Planning an Accessible Event

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