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Every recognized undergraduate student group can establish a virtual presence through LionLink, Undergraduate Student Life's student group on-line hub. With LionLink, student group leaders can manage many of their group functions like updating membership rosters, circulating group messages to members and non members,  publicize events and market activities. Undergraduate Student Life groups can even manage their finances and purchasing needs through LionLink. LionLink is proving to be a dynamic tool that help groups manage their day-to-day activities.

General CUIT Policies

Please refer to the CUIT Web site for more information about policies governing the use of e-mail, mailing lists and web sites.

Guarding Your Personal Privacy

The emergence of new communication technology each year means it is more important than ever to protect your personal privacy. Officers of student organizations at Columbia University should make themselves aware what personal information they put out in the world when communicating on behalf of a student group. While most student e-mail addresses are accessible from the Columbia University Web site, we require our student organizations to seek an anonymous e-mail alias and mailing list. This service is provided at no cost to your organization.

It is also important for student officers to be mindful of the audience for which e-mails are targeted. If e-mails are meant for public viewing, as are those typically sent through mailing lists (listservs), officers should consider only using their first name. This also applies when you are corresponding with unfamiliar members of the general public or when you are posting information on a student organization web site. Any student group officer should be consulted before their name and contact information are placed on a web site. Again, the creation of a simple mailing list or Grouper alias (i.e. can simplify this issue. E-mails sent to this address will automatically be distributed to all members placed on the list.

It is also important for your student group to communicate any concerns over privacy issues to your Undergraduate Student Life adviser. It is a good practice to discuss which e-mail address your organization prefers to use in receiving communications and what e-mail or contact information can be given in response to general inquires made by the public.

See your Undergraduate Student Life adviser regarding any questions or concerns.

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