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Residential living at Columbia University offers students a range of options to continue learning beyond classroom experiences. First-year students have the opportunity to live in Carman, Furnald, or John Jay or the Living Learning Center (LLC). Upperclass students may apply to live with others around a programmatic interest or theme in a Special Interest Community while other students may choose to live amongst Faculty members, Deans, and their families in different areas of campus. Residence halls are served by a team of Resident Advisers (RAs), Community Advisers (CAs), Graduate Hall Directors (GHDs), and an Associate Director (AD) who create programs, plan events, and provide opportunities for all residents to be involved.

Our residential communities include:

In all residential communities, students are expected to be familiar with Columbia community standards. One component of responsibility is to uphold community standards, policies, and rules and to address violations in various ways, including the Dean’s Discipline process. For more information about this process, please visit Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Students are encouraged to learn more about themselves and each other. There may be times that hurtful or hateful words, actions, or behaviors are exhibited in the community. At these difficult times, Residential Programs serves as a source of support and connection to other resources, including the Bias Response Protocol.

Living among a community of learning is a great experience, and one that we hope all residents can enjoy.  For questions regarding individual areas of campus, please contact the appropriate Associate Director.  For facility-related questions regarding aspects of our halls, visit Columbia Housing.

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