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Props Cages and Costume Closet

Student Engagement houses a well stocked costume closet and props cages open for student and student group use FREE of charge.  The are are both overseen by the Black Box Theatre Manager. These resources are intended to accommodate the need for student groups to have access to low-cost costuming and props options for programs, events, and productions. These resources serve as a "lending library" of theatrical costumes, props, blocks, and small set pieces that are to be shared and recycled amongst the community on an ongoing basis. Any recognized undergraduate student group is eligible to use these items; a reservation in the Black Box Theatre is not required.


Props Cages: The Props Cages are located on the 5th Floor of Lerner Hall

Costume Closet: The Costume Closet is undergoing loation changes, the new location will be determined soon.

Hours of Access:

The Props Cages and Costume Closet are closed for the summer.  Both areas will re-open for student use on September 6, 2017. Please check back soon for the Fall 2017 hours and appoitments.


Student Engagement


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