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Brownstone Event Registration Request Form

Brownstone Social Event Registration will open at 12pm on Monday, February 21st.

Any event in a University Brownstone meeting one or more of the following criteria must be registered through Residential Life and/or Multicultural Affairs:

  • Intercultural Resource Center Events
  • Q-House Events
  • Special Interest Community Events
  • Backyard Access is requested
  • Events with Amplified Sound
  • Events which would normally require an Event Review through University Events Management
  • Events where non-members will be in attendance
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life: Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Members Only Events (counts toward the 10 per semester limit)
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life: Inter-Chapter Mixers (counts toward the 10 per semester limit)

Important Notes:

Please note that no more than two (2) events per weekend day/night (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) may occur across all brownstones (with the exception of Homecoming and Bacchanal). Events for Spring 2022 will be alcohol-free. Events are permitted on Thursday and Friday evenings from 9pm-12am and on Saturdays from 11am-3pm. All attendees must abide by the University's COVID-19 guidelines. 

Events are approved on a first come, first served basis. 

No organization or brownstone may have more than one (1) registered event per weekend and no more than a total of ten (10) per semester.  Within the fraternity and sorority community, the 10 events per semester limit include: Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Members Only events and Inter-Chapter Mixers. 


This Event Registration Request Form will be reviewed by members of the Residential Life and/or Office of Multicultural Affairs staff for approval.

Events requests will only be considered if submitted no later than 12:00pm five business days from the date of the event (a Thursday program MUST be submitted by noon on Friday of the previous week; a Friday or Saturday program must be submitted by noon on Monday).  

Events are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The event coordinator will be notified of approval, request for modification, or denial, via email, no later than Wednesday before the date of the requested event. 

The event coordinator will be notified if an event review is required to determine whether or not a walk-through or Public Safety presence is required at the event, via email, no later than Wednesday the week after this form is submitted. 

Residential Life and/or Office of Multicultural Affairs staff will notify appropriate campus partners (e.g. on-call staff, Public Safety) of all approved events no later than Wednesday the week of the event.


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