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Alternative Spring Break (ASB): NYC Performing Arts

"Exploring the Arts as a Platform for Social Change"

The Alternative Spring Break: NYC Performing Arts (ASB: NYC) program aims to provide undergraduate students in Columbia College and Columbia Engineering with exposure to dance, theatre, visual arts, and music in NYC. This year the theme is "Exploring the Arts as a Platform for Social Change".  Students willexplore both well known and underground avenues of arts and culture while simultaneously connecting to the richness, history, and legacy of Harlem and surrounding NYC communities. The program seeks to introduce how & why the arts have been a platform and agent of social change for our community and beyond. This year we will be taking walking tours, participating in workshops, classes, and attending exciting shows. Students will also have the opportunity to reflect on their own work and how they can use their Spring Break experience to affect the performing arts community on campus.

Applications are open until Friday, Feb 23 at 5:00 p.m.

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