Multicultural Affairs

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Diversity and inclusion are not only central to the student experience, they are key components to learning and development.  Multicultural Affairs recognizes that identity, social responsibility, allyship and equity must be addressed at multiple interconnected levels to best support students' various developmental stages. 

Each student brings to campus many cultures, experiences and perspectives, and Multicultural Affairs serves as a resource for them to capitalize on the rich education and growth found in the active exchange across multiple identities within a community.  Our advisors provide programs, resources and support for personal identity development, mentorship, intercultural learning, social justice education and institutional advocacy.

Through strong collaborations with students, within Undergraduate Student Life and across the University, Multicultural Affairs’ three-tiered approach supports internal and external partnerships and shared accountability.

Learn how Multicultural Affairs draws upon the work of Audre Lorde LS'60 to inform our goals of community and liberation. 

Multicultural Affairs


Audre Lorde Community Space
505 Alfred Lerner Hall
2920 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

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