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National Residence Hall Honorary

The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is a national honor society that recognizes leadership in the advancement of college and university residential communities. The King's Crown Chapter at Columbia University works to recognize excellence in residential life and to render the world a better place through community service.

In accordance with the first goal, the NRHH administers Of-the-Month awards (OTMs) and Of-the-Year awards (OTYs) in recognition of positive impact in the Columbia community. To nominate a community member, group, or program for an Of-the-Month award, submit a OTM nomination form.

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Meet the Team

Prabhjot Grewal
Columbia College '18
Major: Environmental Biology
NRHH Executive Director

Favorite Hobby: Playing video games.
Fun Fact: Beyonce is her spirit animal.
Favorite Pizza Topping: Olives.


Janice Chung
Columbia Engineering '19
Major: Biomedical Engineering
NRHH Director of Service

Favorite Hobby: Spending quality time with family. 
Fun Fact: Thanks in part to playing the violin, Janice is ambidextrous.
Favorite Pizza Topping: Buffalo chicken. 




Patrick Flanagan
Columbia College '18
Major: Biology
NRHH Director of Leadership

Favorite Hobby: Running absurdly long distances.
Fun Fact: Pat owns twenty hats and intends to acquire more. 
Favorite Pizza Topping: Chili pepper flakes and cheese.

Sandra Yin 
Columbia College '18
Major: Biological Science and Economics
NRHH Director of Recognition
 Favorite Hobby: Trying new restaurants.
Fun Fact: Sandra is in the sixth year of her long-distance relationship. 
Favorite Pizza Topping: No preference.




Maria Sun
Columbia College '18
Concentrations: Economics and Visual Arts
NRHH Director of Finance

Favorite Hobby: Crafting/making jewelry/drawing.
Fun Fact: Maria hates pizza. She also prefers soda flat if she has to drink soda at all.
Favorite Pizza Topping: Refer to previous


Lorenzo Talbot-Foote
Columbia Engineering '19
Major: Biomedical Engineering
NRHH Director of Communications

Favorite Hobby: Singing!
Fun Fact: I have a HUGE collection of fun socks
Favorite Pizza Topping: Mushrooms and Pepperoni




Stephanie Valentino
Fordham University 2012, M.Ed.; Sacred Heart University 2011, B.S.
NRHH Adviser

Favorite Hobby: Arts and crafts.
Fun Fact: Stephanie does not know how to swim!
Favorite Pizza Topping: Caesar salad.




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