Printing Promotional Materials & Use of Copyrighted Material

Copyrighted Material

All copyrighted materials such as plays and songs will require permission from the copyright holder to be placed on file with your Undergraduate Student Life adviser. Please consult with your adviser for additional information.  

The Trademark Program


The Trademark Program was established in order to protect and control all uses of Columbia University trademarks throughout the world. The retail merchandise program is operated out of the Office of Business Services. Through carefully established procedures, the Trademark Program grants licenses to qualified manufacturers worldwide to produce a variety of Columbia University insignia items for sale to the public. In return, the licensed manufacturers pay Columbia University royalties for their licensing rights.  

The Trademark Program also assists Columbia University departments, schools, affiliates and officially recognized Columbia student groups, in producing Columbia University insignia goods produced for promotional use or uniforms.  


  • To ensure proper use and application of Columbia University trademarks  
  • To strengthen the trademarks through relationships with retailers, licensees, campus departments, student organizations, alumni, and fans  
  • To ensure that manufacturers adhere to Columbia University’s manufacturing Code of Conduct when creating emblematic merchandise  

Trademark Definition

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs, which identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods or services of one party from those of other parties.  

What are Columbia University Trademarks?

Columbia University trademarks are images, logos, word marks, designs and other branded items owned by the Trustees of Columbia University. The proper usage of Columbia University trademarks are intended to protect and promote the reputation of the University and include  

  • Columbia University™ 
  • Columbia University in the City of New York™ 
  • Columbia™
  • Columbia College™  
  • All other Columbia University school names, their respective shields, and other logos and graphics such Columbia’s athletic logo represented as "The Lion".  

Who Can Become Licensed?

Licenses must be obtained for the use of any Columbia University trademark, image, or photograph used on any packaging, signage, or product sold to the general public or to campus departments and organizations. In addition, promotional licenses must be obtained by companies or organizations wanting to associate with Columbia University through any use of its trademarks.  

The University will not license products that do not meet minimum quality standards, are not in good taste, or are considered dangerous or high risk.  

Code of Conduct Disclosure

The Columbia University Senate's External Relations Committee has established policy regarding labor standards for Columbia Licensees and created a Code for Workplace Conduct. In addition, Columbia University is affiliated with The Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) and The Fair Labor Association (FLA).  

The WRC is a non-profit organization created by college and university administrations, students, and labor rights experts. The WRC’s purpose is to assist in the enforcement of manufacturing codes of conduct adopted by colleges and universities. These codes are designed to ensure that factories producing clothing and other goods bearing college and university names respect the basic rights of workers. There are more than 100 colleges and universities affiliated with the WRC.  

The FLA is a non-profit organization combining the efforts of industry, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), colleges, and universities to promote adherence to international labor standards and improve working conditions worldwide.  

All licensees must adhere to ethical business practices, as well as standards related to quality, reliability, and cost. In doing so, workers producing University licensed goods are expected to work in humane and safe conditions and receive fair wages. Licensees are expected to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees as well as adhere to applicable limitations on child labor, and prohibitions on the use of forced labor. It is the University’s expectation that all licensees complete a disclosure form that provides information about their manufacturing processes prior to producing University-related products.  

Guidelines for Use and Compliance

Columbia University has contracted with Learfield Licensing, which monitors and works to ensure consistency, compliance and quality of our logos and marks. Learfield provides full license management services to more than 560 colleges and universities, athletic conferences and special properties nationwide. 

Product Approval

Reproduction of any images, word marks, designs or other branded items may not be used without a written contract from or express consent of an authorized Columbia University representative.  

All artwork approvals and re-print requests must be submitted by e-mail to Honey Sue Fishman in either a .PDF or .JPEG format. When submitting graphics, please include the following information:

  • product 
  • size range 
  • typeface 
  • pantone colors 
  • distribution channel
  • estimated shipping date 

For additional information, please call (212) 854- 6862.

Purchases of Promotional Items

Columbia has identified an approved list of vendors that can be used to purchase promotional items. Only these Promotional Product Vendors can be used when purchasing promotional items. If you have any questions concerning what qualifies as a promotional item, contact your Undergraduate Student Life adviser for more information.  

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