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National Residence Hall Honorary Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), King's Crown Chapter. The deadline to submit your application has now passed. The application will re-opened in Fall 2021.

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About National Residence Hall Honorary Membership

Members of the National Residence Hall Honorary, King's Crown Chapter, are selected by a rigorous process and are chosen from a pool of exemplary leaders in the residential community of Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. 

In accordance with our pillar of recognition, the NRHH primarily awards Of-the-Month (OTM) and Of-the-Year awards to students, faculty, staff, and groups. The honorary also regularly recognizes members of the Columbia community through campus-wide events, such as through the annual “Recognition Week.” With regard to service, NRHH members also serve the community in various ways through occasional volunteer work or activity, like volunteering at the Broadway Church Soup Kitchen and in the Harlem Community Garden.

Members, of course, are not obligated to participate in all activities organized by NRHH. In order to stay active in the organization, members are just expected to achieve a minimum point total each semester by participating in chapter meetings, committee meetings, and other activities. 

Active members who meet the requirements during every semester of their involvement are awarded white and navy blue honor cords upon becoming alumni members, to be worn at University Commencement and their Class Day. Members may also be awarded the NACURH Bronze Pin or the NRHH Outstanding Leadership and Service Pin for their contributions to the community or chapter, respectively.

Please complete the application below so the selection committee will have more information about your involvement in Residential Life and beyond. If we offer you membership, we will share with you the expectations of active membership.


We accept applications from current undergraduate residents in Columbia College and Columbia Engineering. First-year students are not eligible to apply during their first semester on campus as they will not meet the minimum semesterly live-on requirement as outlined by the national chapter. Additionally, final semester senior students are not eligible to apply due to not being able to meet active membership requirements before graduation. 

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