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Multicultural Affairs Advisory Council

***Our application for first year student representatives will be available in mid-August. Check back soon!***
The Multicultural Affairs Advisory Council is a group comprised of a broad-representation of Columbia undergraduate students who work collectively toward continually enhancing the programs and services of the OMA, evaluating the needs of our diverse undergraduate student population, identifying relevant campus issues, and promoting a campus environment of inclusion, self-awareness, intercultural engagement, and social responsibility. 
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MAAC Mission Statement

The Multicultural Affairs Advisory Council (MAAC) is a non-hierarchical, transparent organization, composed of Columbia College, General Studies, and School of Engineering and Applied Science students, working towards a more respectful, accountable, and socially just campus environment. In partnership with students, student organizations, and Multicultural Affairs, we strive to continue creating a university community in which students of all identities are supported, valued, and celebrated. We seek:

  • To be an accessible and visible resource for the entire student community
  • To keep the University accountable and responsive to students and their concerns
  • To provide avenues for the administration to better understand student concerns
  • To hold ourselves accountable to students and be open to critique and challenge
  • To actively address bias and hate in the Columbia community
  • To provide and promote safe spaces for challenging dialogue about all students’ experiences and concerns related to identity
  • To better enable varying communities to connect, collaborate, and  recognize common ground
  • To ally with and support students in marginalized communities
  • To support and connect with groups whose missions include anti-oppression education and awareness
  • To recognize students’ simultaneous connections to multiple communities on campus

We commit to the above to better enable the Office of Multicultural Affairs to fulfill its stated mission. (Created September 2012)

Addressing Hate and Bias on Campus

The MAAC takes a definitive stance against all acts of hate and bias at Columbia University. We work with the Bias Response Team (a team of deans across Columbia College and Columbia Engineering that administer the bias response protocol) and students to address such acts on campus. While the BRT provides immediate support to individudals and communities that may be impacted by an incident and coordinates administrative response, the MAAB works with them and other relevant University groups to create or recommend programs addressing greater campus education that may be needed and to inform and support the larger community when appropriate.

Every month, the BRT will provide the MAAC with a compilation report of incidents that includes:
            -number of incidents
            -identities/communities targeted
            -nature/medium of each
To respect the privacy and sensitivity needed in supporting students when an incident occurs, the MAAB members have decided that the form of the compilation report will enable them to gauge what is happening on campus and what campus education may be needed without compromising the safety and experiences of those directly involved.

Additionally, the MAAC will serve as a resource for students by:
            -informing students of the bias response protocol
            -making referrals and connecting students to campus support services
            (ex. OMA)
            -initiating relevant campus campaigns
            -providing feedback on the protocol to the BRT
            -recommending or creating programs and events (with the support of
            the OMA) that may be needed as informed by the monthly compilation

Participate in the annual "We're a Culture, Not a Costume" campaign

In addition to current campus conversations that we are facilitating on the topic, we encourage campus members to help share how perpetuating harmful and painful stereotypes can be destructive in our community. Download and change your Facebook cover photo, or print and post the fliers. (Posters reproduced with permission from Ohio University's Students Teaching About Racism in Society, STARS)


Multicultural Affairs


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Call: 212-854-0720

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