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Policies and Procedures

Registration of the Event

Clubs or organizations that desire to hold an event that includes any form of gambling must complete the Games of Chance Request Form located in Undergraduate Student Life. The completed form must be submitted to your adviser 10 business days prior to the event.  

Training Requirement

The event coordinator or student leader taking responsibility for the event must meet with their adviser to complete the Policy and Procedure training for events that include gambling. The training will include a complete review of the logistics of the event.

Continuing and Re-occurring Events

All clubs and organizations with re-occurring events that involve gambling must complete an educational workshop before programming each semester. They should also contact their adviser to arrange the workshop. Senior members are responsible for the education of new members.

Approval of the Event

Upon completion of all required paperwork and training sessions, Undergraduate Student Life holds sole and final discretion for the approval of all events.  

Use of Cash

No cash can be exchanged during an event that includes gambling. The only exception is when participants pay an entry fee for the event and those funds collected to cover the cost of the event, or to purchase prizes. Clubs and organizations must follow all cash handling policies. 

If you do plan on handling cash at any point, you will need to sign out a cash bag from the Student Financial Advising representative working with your group. Your adviser can assist you with this process as well.  

Leveraging, Bets, & Chances

The entry fee must cover all leveraging and chances. No additional chances or bets can be purchased during the event. Furthermore, personal items cannot be used for the purpose of leveraging, bets, or chances.  


If clubs or organizations choose to provide prizes as incentives for participation, all prizes must be:

  • Material
  • Purchased prior to the event
  • Listed in the advertisement of the event
  • Approved by your adviser

The inventory and distribution of prizes must also be completed with your adviser.  

Cash-equivalent or credit card-equivalent prizes are not allowed. Gift certificates are allowed but must be from stores that do not partake in the sale of contraband, regulated, or illegal substances and materials. This includes alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and pornography.  


Sponsorship and donations by outside companies are permitted with the exception of alcohol, tobacco, or gambling companies.  


All events involving gambling must remain on campus.  


Alcohol is not permitted at events that include gambling or at re-occurring events throughout the semester.

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