Finding Entertainment

When you decide to enlist outside entertainment for an event, work closely with your adviser to book and contract the performers. Note: Student Leaders are not authorized to enter the name of your group into any contracts. Do not draft or make any written or oral agreements without contacting your Advisor. Falsely presenting yourself as a representative of the University may result in disciplinary action. Also, make sure that you have obtained governing board approval and reviewed the policies and procedures for the facility where you are planning to hold the event. Regular communication with your Advisor throughout the process is essential.

Conduct Research

Once you have decided on and budgeted for the type of entertainment you desire, begin researching options, availabilities, prices, and means of contacting performers or agents. This research can be done through available resources at Student Engagement, the media, and contacts at other schools. Be sure to check the references of performers and agents and to discuss all potential options with other members of your group and your Advisor. When you contact the performer or their representative, inquire about the possibility of seeing a performance at a convenient location.

Collect the Details

As you narrow down the options, gather all possible details about each act you are considering. This would include length, content, and hidden costs such as travel expenses, lodging, space requirements, and technical needs. Express interest in options appearing to meet your needs but remember that your advisor must authorize any contracts or agreements. Accordingly, it is your responsibility to ensure that the parties you are in contact with understand that no commitments will be made on the spot. Consult your Advisor to establish a firm date and draft an official contract.

Hotels for Speakers and Guests

The Office of Undergraduate Admission offers an updated online list of hotels in the Columbia University area. You will need to work with your Undergraduate Student Life Advisor to complete payment for any hotel space requested by your student organization.

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