Theatre Policy, Rules and Regulations

The Austin E. Quigley Black Box Theatre has the right to modify policies and guidelines as needed.  The Black Box Theatre Manager will review and periodically update programming policies and guidelines.  

The producer or representative for each reservation accepts the venue and dressing rooms in the as is condition.  An inspection of the condition of the theater and dressing rooms will be conducted during the event review. These inspections will include a review of the aisle widths and a discussion of evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency.  Inspections can also occur during the reservation period, in addition to the final walk-through. 

Any unsafe conditions will be reported to the producer for correction. Failure to correct non-compliant issues may result in a fee or limit the availability or use of the theater until corrective action has occurred.

PDF and Printable version of the Rules, Polices, and Guidelines


  • Anything that might damage the stage or the curtains is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to paint, glitter, and liquids of any kind (including water).
  • Groups are not to impede with the doors or locks to keep the doors from locking under any circumstance, this includes but is not limited to taping the push bar, taping the door-latches, inserting paper or cardboard in the strike-plate hole, etc. 
  • All load-ins must be made from the service entrance located on 114th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam.  Make sure that any permitted set pieces will fit through standard double doors.
  • ​Groups with reservations in the Black Box are responsible for any damage to the venue or equipment during the reservation period.
  • No alterations or permanent attachment(s) to the venue is permitted.
  • Screwing or nailing anything into the stage floor, walls or ceiling is not permitted.
  • Only Gaffer’s tape, double stick carpet tape, vinyl spike tape and glow tape are permitted on the floors and walls of the theater. No other type of tape or fastener is allowed on the floors or the walls of the theater. Please see the Manager of Technical Services for materials. 
  • No tape, push-pins, nails or fasteners of any type are allowed on the floors or walls of the dressing rooms, lavatories, offices, control booths or storage areas.

Props, Scenery and Sets

  • All items not already in the props cages inventory must be approved by the Black Box Theatre Manager prior to load-in.
  • Props and scenery are only allowed in permitted designated areas of the theatre and must conform to New York City fire code. 
  • Use of raised platforms or scaffolding require the approval of the Black Box Theatre Manager prior to load-in and are approved on a "per show" basis.  
    • Approval may include the necessity of professional rigging services with the expense to be paid by the recognized group holding the space reservation.

Painting and Construction

  • Painting is allowed in the Black Box Theatre only, but requires a tarp or drop cloth to cover the surface.
  • Any spills or accidents must be cleaned up immediately.  Permanent damage will result in the group being charged a fee with the possibility of the group not being allowed to use the space in the future. 
  • Painting is not allowed anywhere else in Lerner, including dressing rooms or the Black Box Theatre entry way under any circumstances.
  • Putting pieces together with tools such as hammers or screwdrivers is only allowed in the theatre, however the major building or construction of any items or pieces is not allowed in the Black Box Theatre. 
  • Power tools are never allowed in the Black Box Theatre or any of the support spaces.

Fire Retardant Certification

  • Any prop, set or scenery pieces not already in the props inventory must be flame retardant certified.
  • Proof of certification must be provided to the Black Box Theatre Manager prior to load-in.  
  • To ensure compliance, the Office of Environmental Safety will inspect all of your items. If proof cannot be provided, Environmental Safety will not allow your show to proceed until the problem has been resolved.

Fire Code and Safety

  • Open flames, torches, candles, smoke generation machines, etc., are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Explosives, flash powder firearms, etc. are not permitted.
  • Smoking and the lighting of smoking materials by actors are not permitted.
  • Confetti, balloons, or other materials may not be released within the theater space during a rehearsal or a performance.
  • Nothing is to be hung from the sprinkler pipes or equipment.
  • Fire extinguishers, strobe lights,  fire alarm pull stations, exit signs, fire sprinklers and egress paths must be visible at all times; they may not be gelled, obstructed or covered in any way.

Egress Requirements

  • A minimum width of 44 inches of unobstructed space is required for aisle ways, walkways and in-between risers.
  • All aisles must be kept clear and unobstructed.
  • Egress routes are allowed to cross the stage area.

Risers and Audience Seating

  • The venue has designated seating plans that have been approved by the New York City Department of Buildings.
  • Seating and/or riser configurations must be in compliance with the approved plans.  Seating and risers may only be set by house staff.
  • The maximum audience capacity is limited to 100 persons.
  • The audience must only be seated in designated seating areas.


  • At the end of a event all scenic elements, items and equipment must be removed or discarded by the student group.
  • Each group is responsible for the general cleaning and upkeep of the space, this includes but is not limited to picking up trash, clearing out the spaces, returning all props, costumes, equipment and items.
  • Facilities will oversee the major maintenance and custodial needs of the space. 
  • Any items that are left behind may incur a disposal charge billed directly to the recognized group holding the space reservation.

Food and Drinks

  • Food and beverages are never allowed in the Theatre, on stage or backstage.
  • Student Groups are allowed to have food and beverage in the dressing rooms and entry way as long as everything is picked up and cleaned. 
  • It is the responsibility of the student group to manage any beverage or liquid-related prop items used within a performance or event. 


  • Personal items such as speakers, cell phones, iPods, laptops, tools and the like should not be left unattended in the venue.  
  • Black Box Theatre Management is not responsible for any personal items left unattended in the Black Box, its dressing rooms, entry-way or its storage facility.

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