Support Spaces, Services and Resources

The Black Box Theatre is a student centered space which strives to provide an open and accessible outlet for creativity, expression, art, performance, and community for student groups. The theatre hopes to provide as many resources and services as possible to make student programming as successful and seamless as possible. 

Support Spaces and Resources

Ticketing Events: The Ticket and Information Center (TIC)

Events and performances in the Black Box Theatre are to be ticketed events (they can be free, but need to be ticketed). The TIC offers ticketing services to any recognized student group. Events need to be registered with TIC two weeks in advance of the on-sale date for tickets, and the registration will need to be signed off by the group’s adviser. Please visit the TIC website to begin the registration process. More information will also be covered during the event review.

Dressing Rooms

Two dressing rooms are available for reservations by groups using the Black Box Theatre. Dressing rooms can be used to keep personal items, needs for the event and equipment; however everything must be removed by the reservation load-out date in order to prepare and accommodate for the next reservation.  

Any items left in the dressing rooms after the load-out date of the production or event will be removed at the expense of the student group, resulting in the direct charge of the organization's account. Likewise, if these spaces are left in an unseemly manner, the cost to restore the space to its proper shape will be charged to the producing organization’s account. 

Note for Fall 2022: The Green Room attached to the Roone Auditorium stage is currently offline and unavailable to reserve or use. An update will be shared with student groups once it becomes available again. 

Costumes and Props

The Black Box Theatre houses well-stocked costume and props cages and various props open for student group-use. These resources serve as a "lending library" of theatrical costumes, props, blocks and small set pieces that are to be shared and recycled on an ongoing basis. Any recognized undergraduate student group is eligible to use these items, and are not required to have a reservation in the Black Box Theatre. Access to the costume and props cages is granted by appointment only. The Black Box Theatre Cages are on the 5th floor of Lerner and must be maintained in a clean and organized manner. Any items left in the Black Box/dressing rooms after the load-out date of the production will be removed at the expense of the group and charged to the organization's account. Likewise, if the space is in disarray, a fee will be charged to the organization’s account. For more information, please see the Costume Closet and Props Cages page. 


The Black Box Theatre includes fixed riser seating set up in three-quarters formation which accommodates up to 100 people.

Marley Floors

Marley flooring is currently unavailable for the Austin E. Quigley Black Box Theatre.

UEM Services and Support 

While The Black Box Theatre Manager oversees and advises the group events, UEM oversees the technical needs, audio visual requests and equipment, etc. 

Technical Staffing

The schedule for Technical Staffing will be set with UEM during the Event Review. Additional meetings will be added if needed.

A theatre technician also known as a house tech will be assigned anytime lighting, sound and/or communication equipment is being used (including setup and strike of this equipment).  Access to the Technical Booth is restricted and only permissible when a House Tech is present. Regular technical rates will apply and charged directly to the producing organization’s account. 


A House Tech will be assigned to each performance at the standard rate. The Tech’s call time will coincide with the reservation time unless otherwise approved by the Manager of Technical Services.


A House Tech will be present during the restore of the lighting plot. Based on the complexity of the show lighting plot, adequate restore time should be included with the sponsoring organization’s reservation. The standard rate applies.

Student Engagement


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