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Big Queer Welcome Party

Friday, October 1st Noon- 2:00 PM | Lewisohn Lawn

All students are welcome to join us as we welcome all of our LGBTQ+ students and staff as well as allies to campus! Hosted by LGBTQ @ Columbia, Barnard Student Experience + Engagement and General Studies Student Life

List of All Programs and Events

Quench (Queer + Lunch) Series
A lunch and discussion series exploring intersectional LGBTQ and ally topics.

CU OUT on the Town
A series of LGBTQ-, gender-, and sexuality-focused outings to events and sites around NYC.

Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) Socials
Social and educational program series to build community and connections for queer and trans people of color.

QT Talks: A Virtual Support Space for Queer and Trans Students
Biweekly support space that centers on current issues and topics related to queer and trans students at Columbia University.

LGBTQ Open House (September)
An annual open house to learn more about LGBTQ resources and how to get involved in LGBTQ life at Columbia University.

Queer Awareness Month (October)
A collaborative month of events and education between Columbia and Barnard to increase awareness about LGBTQ issues and history.

Trans Awareness Week (November)
A week-long series of events that raise awareness and educate the Columbia community about the lives and experiences of transgender and nonbinary communities.


A queer/trans-friendly, body-positive pool party! Open to all undergraduate students. Columbia College students can also take their swim test. 

Lavender Graduation (May)
An end-of-the-year celebration and LGBTQ leadership award ceremony for students, faculty, and staff in the LGBTQ and ally community at Columbia and Barnard. Graduating students are recognized with a rainbow tassel.

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