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Special Interest Communities

Special Interest Communities (SICs) offer a unique residential experience by allowing upperclassmen students to embrace and explore common interests together. This living arrangement creates opportunities to impact the larger Columbia community by allowing students to connect with fellow students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and community leaders.

These themed residential communities offer their residents the opportunity to immerse themselves in an engaging community with regular programs, events, and workshops, while living in a supportive environment in which all members can relate to each other. It is truly a unique experience as all members are encouraged to discover themselves while developing a shared community that comes together around similarities and differences alike.

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2018-2019 Special Interest Communities

  • Application Development Initiative aims to channel creative potential of Columbia students into concrete technical projects by providing resources, guidance, and an opportunity to learn outside of both the classroom and standard curriculum. ADI's mission can be expressed in a two word imperative: "Build Things." The ADI will serve as a hub for technical innovation on campus and a support structure for the developer community.
  • Casa Latina is a safe and accesible space for Latinx communities and allies. Casa Latina's programming is centered on the universal education and celebration of Latinx culture with an awareness for social justice. We are a space dedicated to exploring the intersections of Latinx culture and identities. 

  • Community Health House addresses issues such as health equity, mental health, and sexual health through events that take place on a monthly basis. Ultimately we seek to promote a dialogue about public health topics that are relevant and we perceive as not being sufficiently addressed in the local community, while maintaining a focus on the wellbeing and personal health of the members of CHH. 

  • Comedy House aims to battle the stress culture at Columbia and replace it with one of levity. The Comedy House’s objective is to provide a safe haven from the disturbingly high level of stress and seriousness. Comedy House intends to create an environment that will allow students to let their guard down and relax, laugh, and enjoy themselves.
  • GreenBorough The mission of the Greenborough Special Interest House is to establish a community of students who develop creative and practical ways to live sustainably. We serve as a hub of environemental activism for our campus and the broader community.
  • Jazz House aims to provide a community within which members can dedicate themselves to jazz music and culture, fostering personal connections, and sharing their love of the art form to listeners across Columbia and New York City. We hope to raise awareness about jazz and educate Columbia students of the music's unique and essential role in America's cultural history, while we ourselves continue to study the music and pay respect to its creators. Our continual efforts in increasing and developing our musical abilities and knowledge base will help us engage in the appreciation of the genre.
  • Manhattan House acknowledges the first people of this land, the Lenni Lenape, through the name Manhattan, which means "island of many hills." We strive to provide a community for indigenous students and their supporters that fosters pride in identity, understanding of indigenous issues, and relationships with both the campus and our Native communities. 

  • Muse House is an SIC that focuses on sharing and learning about music in a fun community setting that provokes thought, discussion and inspiration! Their mission is to create an environment centered on diversity, self-expression, and collaboration.
  • Pan-African House's mission is to educate the Columbia community on 'Pan Africanism.' Pan Africanism is based on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social, and political progress and aims to unify and uplift people of the African diaspora. Pan-African House aims to institute programming that will raise awareness about Pan Africanism and build a stronger community. 

  • Potluck House is a place to share. We come together to share art, music, space and ideas over food. We believe that food builds community. We need it. We want to share it. 

  • Q House is a unique residential community dedicated to providing a safe living environment for LGBT*Q students at Columbia University. Q House residents strive to foster a safe campus environment and engage the Columbia University Community in meaningful dialogue. In addition, residents seek to foster a creative environment of collaboration which focuses on the intersections of identities. To this end, Q House will sponsor events for the larger Columbia University community focused on building safer social and educational environments in which all students feel welcome. 
  • Writers House provides a collaborative environment for writers. They host readings, workshops, talks, and literary outings related to various genres including poetry, prose, screen-writing, playwriting, creative non-fiction, and journalism. On a day-today basis, members of this community provide criticism and support for each otherand thus they will soon learn to enjoy their productivity and to cherish each other's talents and creativity. This community facilitates accessibility to the Columbia literary scene by encouraging communication among different on-campus groups and by programming writing related events. Writer's House also strives to provide a network for internships and publishing opportunities outside of the immediate Columbia community.


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