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Class Day Awards & Senior Marshals

Class Day Awards

These awards are presented to graduating seniors at the Columbia College and Columbia Engineering class day ceremonies in May.

Columbia College Distinguished Class Awards

Charles M. Rolker Prize
This prize is awarded to the member of the Columbia College graduating class who is judged by classmates to be most worthy of special distinction because of scholarship, participation in student activities, or any combination thereof.

Columbia Engineering Distinguished Class Awards

George Vincent Wendell Memorial Award
This certificate and award, established in 1924 by alumni and faculty friends of the late Professor George Vincent Wendell to honor and perpetuate his memory, are granted annually by choice of the class and faculty to that member of the Columbia Engineering graduating class who best exemplifies his ideals of character, scholarship, and service.

Columbia College Academic Awards

Albert Asher Green Memorial Prize
This prize is given to the Columbia College senior who has been a student in good standing in the College for at least three years and who has made the best record of scholarship. It was established in 1913 by Mr. and Mrs. Asher Green in memory of their son, Albert Asher Green, Class of 1914.
David B. Truman Alumni Award
This award is presented to the Columbia College student who has made the most distinguished contribution to the academic affairs of the College. It was established in 1970 in honor of David B. Truman, former Dean of the College.

Columbia College Alumni Awards and Prizes

Alumni Prize
This prize is awarded by the Alumni Association of the College to the Columbia College senior judged by classmates to be the most faithful and deserving.

Robert Lincoln Carey Memorial Prize
This prize is awarded annually by the Columbia College Alumni Association to the Columbia College senior who, demonstrating admirable academic achievement along with other outstanding achievements at the College, best exemplifies the ideals that Robert Lincoln Carey sought to engender in the students of Columbia College.

Alumni Association Achievement Award
This prize is awarded annually to the member of the Columbia College senior class who is judged to be most outstanding for qualities of mind, character, and service to the College.

Senior Marshal

Senior marshal is an honor bestowed upon members of the graduating class who have demonstrated achievement in their academics and extracurricular activities at Columbia University. Honorees are distinguished at Columbia College or Columbia Engineering class day ceremonies and University Commencement by the gold aiguillettes that adorn their graduation gowns.


In addition to holding a place of honor in the processions, senior marshals are responsible for helping to assemble and lead their classmates at graduation events. All senior marshals attend a reception and training session, at which their responsibilities are described in greater detail.

Selection Process

Senior marshals are nominated by students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Students will be notified in April if they have been selected to serve as a senior marshal for their graduating class.

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