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Rules and Regulations — Urban NY

The Urban New York program is made up of three separate lotteries, one in the fall and two each spring.  The fall lottery is open to all first-year students in Barnard College, Columbia College and Columbia Engineering. In the spring, there is a General Lottery open to all undergrads in Barnard College, Columbia College and Columbia Engineering, and a Senior Lottery which is open to Columbia College and Columbia Engineering students who will be graduating at the end of that semester. Ineligible registrations will be removed.

Lottery Registration

By entering the Urban NY lottery or registering for an event (whether a guest or on its waitlist), you agree to the program rules and regulations.

  • Students who have won a ticket to an Urban New York event are not eligible to win again. Those students who have been waitlisted for an event are eligible to win a ticket in the future.
  • During this lottery entry process, students are given an opportunity to select what events they are interested in order of preference. If an event is full, students will have the opportunity to place themselves on the waitlist for an event that they desire, in order of preference.
  • The lottery will be run following the close of registration.
  • A student may only be a ticket-holder or waitlisted registrant for one event.
  • Once lottery winners are selected they will be contacted via email to confirm their Urban New York reservation and inform them of which Urban New York event they have won or for which they have been placed on the waitlist.


  • Registered students should cancel any reservations they cannot attend in order to allow wait-listed students to attend in their place. Students must cancel before 9am the business day before their scheduled event.
  • To cancel your reservation, please email your full name, trip title and trip date to
  • Students who have won a ticket to an Urban New York event but cannot attend are not eligible to win again. 
  • Email the program at the above address if you have specific questions or concerns.


  • If you received a notice that you have been placed on a waitlist for an event, you will receive information from the assigned trip leader to remind you of the upcoming date.
  • If a ticket is made available before the posted meeting time, the trip leader will contact all waitlist members- notifying them of an available ticket. Waitlist tickets are given by a first-come, first-serve basis and therefore the first student to respond to the email will secure the ticket.
  • If a ticket is made available near or at the posted meeting time, the assigned trip leader will first release tickets to any waitlist member physically present. 

No Show Tickets (Standby)

  • If there is the case that there are open tickets due to last minute cancellations and no-shows, trip leaders may release tickets to any Columbia College, SEAS, or Barnard student.
  • This may only be done after the waitlist members have been given the chance to secure tickets via the above process.
  • Any eligible student can show up at the scheduled meeting time and notify the trip leader that they are there to obtain a “No Show Ticket.” The trip leader will ask you for your name, school, and class year. No show tickets will be accommodated on first-come, first-serve basis and therefore the trip leader will note the time of arrival.
  • The Urban New York Program does not guarantee the availability of “No Show Tickets.”

Arrival (10 Minute Rule)

  • Students who do not arrive by 10 minutes after the scheduled time will lose their spot to wait-listed students or students looking for a “no show ticket.” The group will not wait for a ticket winner if the winner does not show up on time.

Transportation Costs

  • Students must provide their own transportation costs for the event (MetroCards).

Meeting Locations and Times

  • Please see the schedule to obtain the meeting locations and times of Urban New York trips. All trips either meet in the lobby of Lerner Hall or Barnard Hall.

*A Senior student lottery will be held in the spring semester after the General Lottery takes place and registrants will also adhere to the rules and regulations above. For information on lottery dates for these additional lottery, please email

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