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Columbia-Supported Student Group Travel

Columbia University requires that all members of the University community comply with specific procedures for Columbia-supported travel. Travel supported by Columbia University includes:

  • Columbia-Led Travel: Mission-related travel organized and overseen by Columbia University
  • Columbia-Facilitated and/or Columbia-Recognized Travel: Travel not overseen by Columbia University but that may be partially funded or arranged by Columbia, may earn academic credit at Columbia, may be coordinated by a Columbia recognized student group or may be an extension of a faculty member or researcher's professional work

Students who wish to participate in domestic travel through a program or activity offered through Undergraduate Student Life, including travel conducted by recognized student groups with or without the support of an external organization, must register their trip using the domestic travel form.  For international trips, students must comply with the Undergraduate International Travel Policy

Advisers are available to assist with even the simplest trips. They can help you review your plans and logistics, discuss trip budgets and let you know about helpful resources and required documentation. Reach out to your adviser as early in the planning process as possible!

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