Cultural & Identity Based Student Organizations

Multicultural Affairs advises over 50 cultural and identity based student organizations that are recognized by the Activities Board at Columbia (ABC) and Student Governing Board (SGB).

Advisors in Multicultural Affairs work in collaboration with student leaders, student organizations, and identity communities to provide support, resources, mentorship, and advocacy from an identity-based advising framework.  In addition to providing support for student group advising logistics and overall Undergraduate Student Life advisor expectations, we seek to help students develop self-awareness around their identities, build skills in being a more effective leader, and empower students as they navigate institutional and life complexities/challenges.

African Development Group

Promotes deeper engagement of the African Diaspora in African Development through research, initiative and service.

African Students Association (ASA)

Provides a forum for the advancement of general African interests, of a political, social, and cultural nature.


Alianza is a pan-Latinx student group that seeks to create a stronger Latinx community at Columbia University, while also highlighting the inclusion of underrepresented Latinx students on campus. Through intercultural dialogue and collaborative events with other Latinx groups, Allianza strives to ensure that no Latinx is left out of the conversation and that all Latinx students have an open space to express their many different cultures, beliefs, and experiences.

All Sex

AllSex is a peer-facilitated, semester-long discussion group dedicated to the empowerment and fulfillment of the sexual self. AllSex aims to create an inclusive, safe, and diverse community that fosters the sexual growth of its participants by adopting an intersectional approach to examine the external and internal forces that control our sexuality, drawing primarily on the lived expertise of the participants and their individual potential for increased learning and understanding. AllSex believes that sexuality should be safe, powerful, and celebrated, and that the far-reaching implications of sexuality on our daily lives warrant brave and thoughtful consideration and action within our community. 

Armenian Society

Promotes awareness of issues and concerns of the Armenian population.

Asian American Alliance (AAA)

The Asian American Alliance (AAA) is a student organization that strives to promote understanding, foster dialogue and create a sense of awareness within the Asian Pacific American community at Columbia University. It seeks to educate and address key issues and topics that affect the APIA community at Columbia and beyond.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

CU APAHM (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month) commits itself to organizing a wide range of programs for the month of April, Columbia's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, in order to bring broader awareness of the Asian American/ APIA community and its rich history to campus. Every year, APAHMs events all take place during April,
which is APA Heritage Month here at Columbia. During that month, APAHM celebrates the culture, investigates the issues, and showcases the talents of Asian Pacific Islander Americans within and beyond our community.

Black History Month

Black History Month (BHM) is a collaboration between Columbia University and Barnard College to increase awareness about Black issues and history.

Black Students Organization (BSO)

Concerned with the recognition and understanding of the diverse needs of the African American community at Columbia University, the Black Student Organization prides itself on being a group that provides support, discussion and solutions to the Columbia and greater NYC communities. Offering a support system to underclassmen, and addressing social and political issues, we are a community of strong voices and people.

Brazilian Society

The Brazilian Society at Columbia University is the official student club for all who are fond of Brazil and would like to speak out to the wider Columbia University community about this country and its rich culture. We organize major national events with renowned guest speakers, direct informal community-building activities and partner with other Latin American organizations.

Caribbean Students’ Association (CSA)

The aim of the CSA is to enable Caribbean students to generate and foster a sense of unity and understanding among themselves, their fellow students at Columbia University, and the surrounding community. This aim is realized through the sponsoring of educational, cultural, and social events and activities that engage our community members in different aspects of Caribbean cultures. This aim is realized through the “There is Hope Campaign”: an annual service trip to a Caribbean island of the Executive Board’s choosing.

Chicanx Caucus

Chicanx Caucus seeks to provide its members who self-identify as Chicanx, Mexican, or Mexican-American with an environment that will help them fulfill their educationalal goals, promote their cultural consciousness, and help them become active in serving the needs of their community.

Chinese Student Club (CSC)

The Chinese Students Club (CSC) of Columbia University is a non-profit student-run organization that promotes social, cultural and political activities both on and off campus. We host various events and activities throughout the school year intended to promote awareness of Chinese culture at Columbia. All of our events are open to everyone; they are Chinese in theme, but not limited to Chinese in attendance.

Club Bangla

Club Bangla, recognized in Spring of 2002, is a cultural group where people from Bangladesh, people from the state of West Bengal in India, and anyone interested in Bangladesh can come together to celebrate the rich Bengali culture, heritage, and language. Club Bangla aims to increase awareness of Bengali culture at Columbia, as well as create a platform for issues affecting the Bengali and South Asian communities. The club strives to promote a more visible representation and better understanding of the Bengali community on campus, while contributing to Columbia's myriad of student-led diversity initiatives. Recently, Club Bangla has had a renewed mission of facilitating intercultural and interfaith dialogue by programming events with various student groups.

Club Zamana

Club Zamana is the largest undergraduate South Asian organization at Columbia University, and a functional umbrella for the South Asian groups on campus.

Columbia iQ

Columbia iQ is an affinity group of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) undergraduate students at Columbia University that seeks to foster queer and trans leadership and community in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Columbia Iranian Student Association (CISA)

 The purpose of CISA is to direct and organize functions, meetings, and events that promote the exposure of Iranian culture and customs.

Columbia Japan Society (CJS)

Columbia Japan Society is an undergraduate organization of Columbia University, run by and composed entirely of students. We are dually recognized by the University under the Activities Board of Columbia and the Student Governing Association. Our purpose is to introduce and spread aspects of Japanese culture to the Columbia community, bridging the gap between East and West.

Columbia PorColombia

Columbia PorColombia is an organization that seeks to unite students of Colombian Heritage and students interested in learning about Colombia within the Columbia community.

Columbia Queer Alliance (CQA)

Columbia Queer Alliance (CQA) is the oldest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer collegiate student organization in the world. Founded in 1967 by means of radical protests and organizing, CQA has, in years since, continued to position itself at the forefront of campus life by standing up, speaking out and organizing on behalf of queer students and their allies. Fundamental to its mission, CQA recognizes the diverse and multiple needs, interests, and identities of its constituency while remaining ever committed to fostering a cohesive, unified queer community at Columbia University.

Columbia Turkish Students Association

Columbia Turkish Students Association is an undergraduate student organization that brings together the Turkish community at Columbia as well as introducing Turkish culture to the general student body. We also welcome graduate students and encourage them to reach out to us.

Conversio Virium Columbia University's BDSM and kink education group

Ethiopian Eritrean Student Association (EESA)

 The Ethiopian Eritrean Student Association is an organization committed to creating a support system for Columbia students with an interest in Ethiopian & Eritrean cultures. EESA fosters a community where Ethiopians and Eritreans can explore their cultures and traditions.
First-Generation Low Income Partnership (FLIP)Officially founded in the fall of 2014, Columbia FLIP’s overall purpose is to provide appropriate communities and platforms for first generation and low income students to talk about and act upon a range of issues that pertain to these intersectional identities. Through our work, we hope to combat the stigma that the first gen and/or low income student community at Columbia University face, promote dialogue relating to socioeconomic class and educational access and work towards creating a more open and respectful campus environment. In order to accomplish our mission, we have launched and managed various projects that help create and empower a community that did not exist in the same capacity before, advocate for and create resources for this often marginalized group and increase the consciousness of the specific challenges that emerge on an institutional and campus wide level.

French Cultural Society

The French Cultural Society is a student group that promotes French culture and language at Columbia University. Our mission is to provide an informal yet supportive environment for those students who value French Culture and would like to interact with other students who do as well.


 A support and advocacy group for transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary students and their allies at Columbia and Barnard

Global China Connection

 Founded in 2008, Global China Connection (GCC) is a 501c)3 nonprofit organization for university students and young professionals of all nationalities looking to engage China’s emergence in the world. GCC connects future leaders from all nations and assists them in developing the skills and friendships necessary to succeed both in China and internationally. GCC is today present in more than sixty universities worldwide – and counting.

Grupo Quisqueyano (GQ)

Grupo Quisqueyano is a student organization at Columbia University that represents and pays tribute to the presence of Dominican students, Dominican heritage and culture on both Columbia and Barnard campuses' and the broader New York community. GQ consists of a board of student officials and a larger student constituency, which coordinate and contribute to different events throughout the year. Along with other student organizations, colleges, and outside organizations, GQ focuses on raising awareness about pertinent issues in the New York community such as the preservation of affordable housing for longtime residents and the need for role models in NYC classrooms. As the largest immigrant group in the city and the fastest growing Latino group on the Columbia & Barnard campuses, it is our goal to share the Dominican Culture with everyone. 

Haitian Students Association (HSA)

Fosters an awareness an appreciation of Haitian culture and heritage.


Devoted to the enjoyment and education of the Hellenic culture, both past and present.

Hong Kong Students and Scholars Society (HKSSS)

The Hong Kong Students and Scholars Society (HKSSS) is a Columbia University student-interest group on campus.The objectives of HKSSS are to promote different aspects of Hong Kong culture through a wide range of social events, to educate students on the various career and academic opportunities available in Hong Kong and to unite Hong Kong students and scholars on campus at large.

Korean Students Association (KSA)

Established in 1989, the Columbia University Korean Students Association (CU KSA) is the representative Korean organization of Columbia University. KSA's primary mission is to promote cultural and social events both on and off campus to celebrate Korea's rich heritage. Through events, programs, and other club functions, we constantly strive to achieve a unified and inclusive community on campus. The diverse range of events that KSA sponsors offers various ways of involving all those who are interested in Korean and Korean-American culture. Our organization also extends its celebration of Korean culture to all corners of the Columbia community as well as New York City by participating in various inter-group activities and off-campus projects. For these efforts, KSA has been awarded the coveted King's Crown Alma Mater Award for "best embodying the community-building ethnic and the spirit of Columbia." We invite you to join us in our celebration!

Latinx Heritage Month (LHM)

 A collaborative month of events and education b/w Columbia and Barnard that strives to increase awareness about Latinx and Latin American histories, identities, cultures, accomplishments, and contemporary issues.

Latinx Professional Education Network (LPEN)

 The Latinx Professional Education Network (LPEN) exists to promote academic success and professional preparation among college students, while encouraging them to serve as role models and leaders in their communities. HSF’s mission is to strengthen America by advancing the college education of Hispanic Americans and increasing the rate of Hispanics earning degrees.

Liga Filipina

Unifies Columbia students interested in Filipino culture through social interaction, cultural programs and activities.

Mālama Hawaiʻi

Mālama Hawaiʻi is a Columbia University run student organization dedicated to spreading Pacific Island and Polynesian culture. The group provides a safe space for students who identify as Pacific Islanders and for those who want to learn about the culture which is so often misrepresented. The primary goals of this organization are community education of Hawaiian and Polynesian culture, hosting community building and cultural events, and mentoring students transitioning to life in New York City.

Mixed Heritage Society (MHS)

MHS is a campus organization that explores and celebrates Mixed Identities among the student population.

Muslim Student Association

MSA aims to foster Muslim life on campus and strengthen the bonds between our allies, associates, and members within the Columbia community. We are united in the goal of promoting MSA’s presence on campus for both current and future constituents. The MSA aims to organize a variety of events that will seek to promote and address issues that are relevant to our community. We seek to educate our community about the various aspects of Islam, hoping to increase awareness about contemporary issues that are relevant to society today.


 To foster an environment on the campus of Columbia University that embraces unity and diversity by advocating for social justice, the elimination of all barriers that prevent the empowerment of humanity, and activism through service.

Native American Council (NAC)

Native American Council (NAC) strives to create a community for Indigenous students and their supporters in order to foster pride in identity, understanding of Indigenous issues, and relationships with both Columbia and our native communities.

Native American Heritage Month

 Native American Heritage Month provides the Columbia University community with programming regarding American Indian/Native American and indigenous issues

Organization of Pakistani Students (OPS)

The Organization of Pakistani Students (OPS) was founded in 1992 with the hope of furthering diversity on the Columbia campus. OPS seeks to foster a sense of community amongst Pakistanis, and reach out to other students on campus through cultural, social, and political events.

Polish Student Society at Columbia University

The Polish Student Society at Columbia University and Barnard College exists to promote greater understanding of Polish culture, public affairs, history, and society throughout the Columbia University and Barnard College academic communities.

Proud Colors

Proud Colors is Columbia and Barnard's organization for queer and trans people of color and their allies

Queer and Asian (Q&A)

 Q&A is a student group dedicated to creating a space for queer, genderqueer, and trans Asian students, domestic and international.

Queer Awareness Month (QuAM)

 Queer Awareness Month (QuAM) is a collaboration between Columbia University and Barnard College to increase awareness about LGBTQ issues and history.

Quest Scholars Network


Russian International Association (RIA)

The Russian International Association of Columbia University (RIA) was created in 1998 in order to unify and educate the Columbia Community about the Russian language, culture, and the legacy of the Soviet and Post-Soviet regimes. Anyone, who shares a common background of growing up in the countries of the former Soviet Union, or who is simply interested in learning about the and literary traditions and the riches of culture of Russia and former states of the Soviet Union is welcome to join our association. 

Singapore Students Association (SSA)

The Columbia University Singapore Students Association aims to foster a sense of community for Singaporean students on Columbia's campus. Through independent and collaborative events, SSA hopes to bring together Singaporeans and their friends, as well as to enhance awareness of Singapore at Columbia.

Society of International Undergraduates (SIU) The Society of International Undergraduates aims to foster and promote Columbia University's vibrant and established international community. We organise meet-and-greets, group outings, and various other events intended to reflect the diverse interests of our members. Moving to the United States can be a difficult process, so we also place a great emphasis on helping new students ease into life at Columbia. This year will see the introduction of a variety of academic, professional and social initiatives, so look out for news!

Student Organization of Latinxs (SOL)

SOL seeks to foster and empower the existing Latinx/Latin American identities on campus in an effort to celebrate and strengthen the Latinx Community at Columbia University. To accomplish this, SOL’s actions will abide by four principles: support, inform, unite and connect. We are dedicated to improving communication amongst Latinx students and Latinx Student Groups. This communication will encourage the open sharing of resources amongst Latinx student groups and ultimately promote the events, programs, and initiatives these student groups host each year.

Students Organize for Syria

 Students Organize for Syria (SOS) exists to assist the Syrian people in their effort to build a self-determined, pluralistic society by standing in solidarity with them, raising awareness of their cause, and helping to alleviate the current humanitarian crisis in Syria. 

Taiwanese American Students Association (TASA)

The Columbia Taiwanese American Students Association believes: College is a gateway between childhood and adulthood that shapes who we are. TASA provides a home where people can foster their interest in the Taiwanese American community, create life-long friendships, and find inspiration from one another. We believe that when we unite people to promote the growth and presence of Taiwanese culture, they will be equipped with the support they need to follow their dreams.

Thai Club

The purpose of Thai Club is to provide information about Thai culture and heritage, promote and foster an awareness and appreciation of Thai culture, and provide a network support for Thai students. 

The Sapna Project

Active since 2015, The Sapna Project is an experimental space at Columbia for the exploration of South Asian identity. We have a unique structure of rotating leadership, which allows everyone to lead for a period (or chapter) of time. In past chapters, we have discussed personal identity, read books by South Asian academics, learned phrases from different South Asian languages, and visited South Asian artists’ exhibits around New York City.


Turath is a nonpartisan undergraduate student association that serves to promote Arab culture at Columbia University. Their aim is to spread educational awareness about issues pertaining to the Arab world and celebrate the heritage of the Arab community. 

Ukranian Students Society

The Ukrainian Students Society at Columbia University is made up of students who are interested in Ukraine, of Ukrainian background, or from Ukraine. The clubs focus is to provide the community with an awareness of Ukrainian culture and heritage.

Vietnamese Students Association (VSA)

The Vietnamese Students Club (VSA) of Columbia University is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting the rich Vietnamese heritage through social and cultural events both on and off-campus.

Student Community Spaces

Malcolm X Lounge

The Malcolm X Lounge, honoring the life and work of one of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century, is located at 106 Hartley Hall.  The Malcolm X Lounge was established as a “Safe Space” for students of African descent during the 70’s and continues to be an intellectual, cultural and social safe haven for students from various backgrounds.

Many student organizations utilize this space for weekly general and executive board meetings.  The Lounge is home to the BSO library and serves as a study space.  Organizations interested in utilizing the Malcolm X Lounge for meetings, rehearsals, or other events may do so by contacting the Malcolm X Lounge Manager.

Stephen Donaldson Lounge

The Stephen Donaldson Lounge, located on the ground floor of Schapiro Residence Hall, is a space for LGBTQ programming and community building. We recognize the legacy of activism by queer and transgender students and student organizations at Columbia that led to the creation and establishment of this community space.

Originally located in an empty room in the Furnald Hall basement, the then-named “Gay Lounge” was the unofficial gathering space of the Student Homophile League (Columbia Queer Alliance’s predecessor) for gay students since Spring 1971. The space became an important refuge for students to find both community and safety. Overcoming campus opposition and resistance at the time, the Student Homophile League successfully lobbied and received support for official recognition in June 1972, making it the first LGBTQ student lounge on a college campus.

The Gay Lounge was renamed on November 15, 1996 in honor of Stephen Donaldson, the founder of the Student Homophile League. In Fall 2017, the Stephen Donaldson Lounge relocated to the more visible and accessible Schapiro Hall space reflecting the growth and greater recognition of the queer and trans community at Columbia.


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