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Cultural & Identity Based Student Organizations

The OMA advises over 40 cultural and identity based student organizations that are recognized by the Activities Board at Columbia (ABC) or the Student Governing Board (SGB).

Acción Boricua

Attends to the socio-political and cultural needs of the Puerto Rican student body at Columbia University.

African Students Association (ASA)

Provides a forum for the advancement of general African interests, of a political, social, and cultural nature.

Armenian Club

Promotes awareness of issues and concerns of the Armenian population.

Asian American Alliance (AAA)

Umbrella organization that fosters understanding and respect for the diverse cultures of people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent in America.

Black Students Organization (BSO)

Promotes an understanding of the past, present, and future problems and needs of Black students as well as to the Black community.


Caribbean Students’ Association (CSA)

The aim of the Association is to enable Caribbean students to generate and foster a sense of unity and understanding among themselves, with their fellow students at Columbia University, and with the surrounding community.

Chicano Caucus

Provides its members with a Chicano environment that will help them to fulfill their educational goals and to promote their culture; to initiate and participate in activities which will foster intergroup relations, interaction among the Chicano Caucus, the Columbia Community, and the east coast Chicano Community and to contribute through our active participation to the general well-being of Latinos, and towards the proper resolution of the problems facing these analogous peoples.

Chinese Student Club (CSC)

Brings appreciation to Chinese culture and raises awareness of Chinese-American socio-political and identity issues.

Club Bangla

Dedicated to give full and due credit that the Bangla culture and language deserves.

Club Zamana

South Asian association founded to serve the needs of Columbia University's South Asian population.

Columbia Japan Society

Reinforces the network among Columbia students who are Japanese, Japanese-American, or those with interest in Japanese culture.


Cuban-American Undergraduate Students Association (CAUSA)

A student group dedicated to promoting Cuban culture.

French Culture Club

The French Cultural Society is a student group that promotes French culture and language at Columbia University. Our mission is to provide an informal yet supportive environment for those students who value French Culture and would like to interact with other students who do as well.

Grupo Quisqueyano (GQ)

Promotes Dominican culture and heritage at Columbia.

Haitian Students Association (HSA)

Fosters an awareness an appreciation of Haitian culture and heritage.

Hapa Club

to bring together students of mixed heritage and ethnic backgrounds to bridge differences, promote cultural awareness and celebrate diversity; represent and serve interests of the Hapa community at CU through political, social and cultural activities and to promote a better understanding of Hapa identity within the University, community and the US.


Devoted to the enjoyment and education of the Hellenic culture, both past and present.

Korean Students Association (KSA)

Dedicated to share the Korean culture, both modern and traditional.

Liga Filipina

Unifies Columbia students interested in Filipino culture through social interaction, cultural programs and activities.

Native American Council (NAC)

Promotes fair and accurate representations of all Native American peoples within the University community.

Organization of Pakistani Students (OPS)

Brings together students that share interest in the social, cultural, and political milieu of Pakistan and Central & South Asia.

Proud Colors

Organization for lesbian, bisexual, gay, and queer-identified people of color at Columbia University.

Russian International Association

Dedicated to unify and educate the Columbia Community about the Russian language, culture, and the legacy of the Soviet and Post-Soviet regimes.

Singapore Students Association (SSA)

Provides support to students from Singapore and shares the culture, food, language and lifestyle to the Columbia community.


Sounds of China (SoC)

Sounds of China is a Chinese Culture Club and Radio Station.

South East Asian League (SEAL)

To provide a forum for which various Southeast Asian students and groups within the Columbia community can share cultural, social and political resources. The League aims to promote cooperation and understanding between various Southeast Asian organizations on campus in order to sustain long-term interest for the collective good.

Student Organization of Latinos (SOL)

The primary purpose of SOL is to provide unity among the various Latino clubs and organization. SOL also provides the greater Columbia community with information concerning current issues facing the Latino community at large, and current events on campus.

Taiwanese American Students Association (TASA)

TASA is an organization dedicated to building a community for individuals of Taiwanese heritage, building a greater community within Columbia and NYC for those with interests in Taiwan, fostering an awareness of Taiwanese culture, history and current affairs and exploring issues of racial, ethnic and national identity.

Thai Sa-Bai

Provides a support network for its members and fosters an awareness and an appreciation of Thai culture and heritage.


A North African and Middle Eastern club for students interested in Arab affairs, political and cultural.

Turkish Students Association

The purpose of Turkish Student Association is to educate the community about the Turkish culture.

Ukranian Students Society

Preserves, strengthens and broadens awareness of Ukranian culture and social customs.

United Student of Color Council (USCC)

Umbrella organization committed to the unification, empowerment and full self-expression of students of color at Columbia.

Vietnamese Students Association (VSA)

The purpose of VSA is to encourage an understanding of issues relevant to Vietnamese communities and to cultivate sensitivity to the needs of those people.

Spaces Managed by Student organizations

Malcolm X Lounge

The Malcolm X Lounge, honoring the life and work of one of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century, is located at 106 Hartley Hall.  The Malcolm X Lounge was established as a “Safe Space” for students of African descent during the 70’s and continues to be an intellectual, cultural and social safe haven for students from various backgrounds.

Many student organizations utilize this space for weekly general and executive board meetings.  The Lounge is home to the BSO library and serves as a study space.  Organizations interested in utilizing the Malcolm X Lounge for meetings, rehearsals, or other events may do so by contacting the Malcolm X Lounge Manager.

Stephen Donaldson Lounge

The Stephen Donaldson Lounge is located in the basement level of Furnald Hall. It was previously called the “Gay Lounge” and is dedicated in Stephen Donaldson’s memory. Lifelong gay activist and Columbia Alum Stephen Donaldson spearheaded the creation of the Student Homophile League in 1966. The group was recognized by Columbia University on April 19, 1967 becoming the first ever gay student organization.


Campus map to Furnald Hall

Walk around the front desk and go down the elevators on your left to the basement, turn left and walk down hallway to lounge at end of the hall.

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