Facilities and Technical Services

Student Organizations can utilize the services of Facilities for events that take place:

  • Outdoors
  • In classrooms
  • In various buildings on campus

Student organizations are fully responsible for cleaning and leaving all classrooms and spaces in the condition in which they were found. Furniture requests for outdoor space and Residence Hall lounges can be arranged with University Event Management (UEM) on the 7th Floor of Lerner Hall. Any additional furniture requests must be made with Facilities and Special Events. Please consult with your adviser regarding the best way to contact their office.  

A partial list of chargeable expenses includes:

  • Furniture rentals including tents, tables, chairs, dividers, easels, and linens
  • All materials, parts, vendors which/who are involved in the event preparation
  • Vertical transportation assistance

A partial list of typically non-chargeable expenses includes:

  • All custodial, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, labor, masonry, painting, and grounds fees
  • Waste management
  • Locksmith support that is required before, during or after an event

Such arrangements can only be made following consultation with your adviser. After consulting with your adviser, make sure that you receive a written estimate of all charges prior to the execution of your event.  You can submit a request online through the Facilities website.

Furniture Requests

Please visit the UEM web site for more information about what furniture is available and how it can be requested.

Please refer to Facilities for furniture requests outside of Lerner Hall. 

Technical Services

University Event Management (UEM) has a full-time Manager of Technical Services who is available to assist groups and individuals in fulfilling technical needs of an event in Lerner Hall or other campus buildings. Lerner is equipped with a large inventory of theatrical equipment and advanced audio-visual equipment. A complete list of equipment can be found on the Technical Services Request in the University Event Management Office. For fees and questions, please contact the UEM office at 212 854-5800.

Lerner Tech and Campus A/V Requests - Please consult your Undergraduate Student Life adviser prior to requesting services.

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