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Transfer and Combined Plan Student Orientation

When do I move in, and where do I check in?

Move-in for Transfer, Visiting and Combined Plan students will take place on Tuesday, August 30th 2016. All students should report to the Hamilton Hall Check in Tent unless they are combined plan students residing in Carlton Arms. If you are living in Carlton Arms, you can check-in in front of the building. 

What should I do if I must arrive before the start of NSOP?

If you must arrive before the program move-in date, are not participating in a special program, and do not have special permission from the Housing Office, you will need to secure off-campus accommodations. A list of area hotels and other options is avilable on the Columbia University Travel Portal.

How can I get from the NYC airports to campus?

There are no shuttle services from campus, but cabs are readily available. Let your driver know you need to go to "Columbia University at 116th and Amsterdam." If you are traveling from the Newark, JFK, or LaGuardia airports, it is possible to use a variety of buses and trains to get to the University. Be mindful that this route will take some time and may involve multiple modes of transportation. Please visit or and use the "trip planner" tool to find a route to campus form your location. Enter "Columbia University Main Campus" as your destination address.

What is orientation like for transfer and combined-plan students?

Transfer students will enjoy a number of transfer-specific academic and social programs, including brunches, student panels, advising sessions, and joint outings in the city with Barnard and Columbia transfer students. Your orientation group of 10-12 students will consist only of transfer, combined-plan, and visiting students. In addition, most social events during orientation are open to transfers, as well as first-year students. You will receive transfer orientation highlights in the packet sent to you in the summer.


Where can I get more information and connect with other transfer and combined-plan students?

Join the Transfer, Visiting, and Combined Plan Facebook group, and bookmark the newsletters geared towards transfer, visiting, and combined-plan students.



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