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Urban New York

Win free tickets to attend a variety of events around New York City! Past events have included Broadway shows, tourist attractions, sporting events, group dinners, operas, dance performances, interactive tours, comedy shows, poetry nights and more!

What is Urban New York?

Urban New York provides an opportunity for students in Columbia College, Columbia Engineering and Barnard College to experience the cultural, artistic and unique world that New York City has to offer, to connect with faculty and staff outside of the classroom, and to make connections across our larger community, meeting students from across both campuses during a night of fun and entertainment.

Three lotteries are held during the academic year: one in the fall semester and two in the spring semester. The first lottery is in the fall and is open to first-year, transfer, visiting, and combined plan NEW undergraduate students. In the spring, a General Lottery is held, open to all undergraduate class years, and a Senior Lottery open to seniors in Columbia College and the School of Engineering only. Each event will provide tickets for up to 20 winners and will have a trip leader and an accompanying faculty or staff representative.

Ask Questions

Check out the Rules and Regulations for FAQ. Contact if you still have unanswered questions or if you'd like more information.

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Special acknowledgment is given to Dr. Arnold I. Kisch CC'54, and to his wife, Victoria L. J. Daubert, Ph.D., for fully endowing all opera tickets.

The Urban New York Program is sponsored by Columbia CollegeColumbia EngineeringBarnard College and the Class of 1954 Urban New York Fund.

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