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CU Out on the Town: Wir / Us / Nostorxs, a declaration of love

CU OUT on the Town is an outing series offered by LGBTQ @ Columbia to LGBTQ-themed sites or events in New York City.

As part of Audre Lorde Week, on Saturday, February 15, we will be going to visit the La Mama Experimental Theatre Club to see the show Wir / Us / Nosotrxs, a declaration of love

The show description is as follows: "Let’s talk about love, better- let’s talk about romantic love. The tragedy of love is that one can not 'not love'. So difficult to find love the way we have envisioned it. Our way of loving is full of ideologies. Many of us love in a patriarchal way. This evening addresses the concepts of love that shape our self-esteem, our sexual fulfillment, our sense of freedom." 

Please note that the capacity for this trip is 20 people. We may select through a lottery-based process based on the number of interested registrants. The deadline to register is Wednesday, February 12.

Accessibility: Please note that your attendance requires an amount of physical ability (stairs for taking the subway, standing for several hours and walking around the city).

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