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Club ReFuel

Student group leaders who receive recognition and/or have financial accounts at Columbia, as well as those student groups who wish to program on the Columbia campus, are asked to complete the three (3) steps of Club Refuel below.

Before a recognized student group can access their available funding or reserve space on campus, FOUR executive board members of the group must attend an Enough is Enough session, complete the Student Organization Knowledge Assessment and meet with their Advisor.

Executive Board members are defined as*:
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer

*Or the equivalent of these roles

Spring Club Refuel will end on Monday, February 19th. 

Student Organization Knowledge Assessment

The Student Organization Knowledge Assessment (SOKA) is a way to test your knowledge of critical policies you will use throughout your time as a student organization leader. There are three distinct sections: Student Organization Programming, Student Organization Travel, and Student Organization Finance. Information and study guides for each of these sections can be found below. IMPORTANT: You will only be able to submit the quiz for grading one time. Please be sure you review the information thoroughly!

Click here to take the Student Organization Knowledge Assessment (SOKA)!

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Enough is Enough Student Leader Training

All four executive board members must register and attend Enough is Enough Student Leader Training hosted by Sexual Violence Response (SVR) to comply with NY State Law. 

One Bad Apple: How can student leaders create a healthy and accountable student group, with a bunch of good apples? During this interactive session, student leaders will connect issues of dating violence to the impact on student group dynamics. Students will develop skills to support members of their groups and utilize campus resources. 

The Enough is Enough session will happen at the following times:

Session 1: Saturday, Jan. 20th at 10am
Session 2: Saturday, Jan. 20th at 12pm
Session 3: Saturday, Jan. 20th at 2pm

Click here to register for an Enough is Enough Student Leader Training session!

Meeting with Your Advisor

Prior to your advisor meeting, please complete the Student Organization Knowledgement Assessment as the results will be reviewed during your meeting. Please also register for the Enough is Enough Student Leader Training prior to meeting with your Advisor so they can answer any questions. Once you've passed the assessment and signed up for your training session, you can schedule a meeting with your Advisor.  

Not sure who your Advisor is? A full list of Advisors can be found here!

Student Organization Knowledge Assessment Tools

Each section listed below includes PDF tutorials that highlight the most common needs of student groups, along with additional links to more detailed information. Once you are familiar with the information, you can take the Student Organization Knowledgement Assessment. 

Student Organization Programming

Plan Out Your Event

An Overview: Club Refuel - Plan out your event.pdf

  1. Working with your Advisor 

  2. Who is my Advisor? 

Where Will the Event be Held?  

Who Will Attend? 

Comply with University & Governing Board policies:

University Policies

Governing Boards

Working with Campus Partners

An Overview: Club Refuel - Working with Campus Partners.pdf

Student Organization Travel

If your student organization travels either domestically or internationally, you should consult with your Advisor at the onset of your planning.  There are policies and procedures that must be followed as a recognized student organization and your Advisor can help facilitate the process.     

Student Travel

Domestic Travel Planning

International Travel Planning

Student Travel Payment Options

Student Organization Finance

Each recognized student organization is responsible for the management of its own budget. As a leader of a student organization, you have an important role of understanding Columbia's financial policies and ensuring the fiscal health of your organization. As a leader, you must also ensure all members of your organization are spending appropriately and within the confines of University's policies and Federal and State laws. Below are some resources to help you understand the basics of student organization spending and to prepare you to take the Student Organization Knowledge Assessment.

Student Organization Knowlege Assessment study guide:

  1. Club ReFuel Quick Reference: Student Organization Finance Study Guide
  2. Please review the list of Vendors Who Accept FTF's referenced above in Club Finance.  This list includes vendors who will accept an FTF as payment and invoice Columbia directly.
  3. For promotional items, you must use a vendor from the Licensed Promotional Product Vendors.

Additional information on Columbia's policies and procedures that you should know while an active member of a recognized student organization can be found here:

  1. Other Funding Sources: Sources for other/additional funding opportunities
  2. Certificate of Insurance (COI) - Sample 


Additional University Policies & Procedures

The Student Organization Knowledge Assessment covers just some of the policies you will need to learn and understand in your time as a student leader. Below are additional resources and policies to review. Every recognized student organization must comply with all University policies.

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