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Club ReFuel

We designed this page to be a resource and tutorial for student group leaders who receive recognition and/or have financial accounts at Columbia, as well as those student groups who wish to program on the Columbia campus. Student group leaders are asked to complete the below three (3) steps:

  1. Pass the Student Organization Assessment Tool after reviewing information under the "Need to Know" section
  2. Meet with Your Advisor
  3. Register and attend Enough is Enough Student Leader Training hosted by Sexual Violence Response (SVR) to comply with NY State Law.

Before a recognized student group can access their available funding or reserve space on campus, two representatives from the group must successfully complete steps 1 and 2. All executive board members (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. or the equivalent) must complete step 3. Following the event planning process, each step listed below will connect you with a PDF tutorial that highlights the most common needs of student groups, with links to more detailed information following. Please note: each link below will open in a new window.  

1. Need To Know:

Review the materials provided below by clicking on the accompanying PDF of information on the subject. Once you have reviewed all the information, you can take the Student Organization Assessment Tool.

Plan Out Your Event

An Overview: Club Refuel - Plan out your event.pdf

 Comply with all University policies, including:
        Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
        Gender Based Misconduct
        Hazing Prevention
        Alcohol at your event
        Protection of Minors
        Event Policies

Working with your advisor
        Who is my advisor? 

Comply with the Policies of Your Governing Board:       
        Activities Board at Columbia (ABC)   
        Interschool Governing Board (IGB)
        Student Governing Board (SGB)
        Event Planning Overview
        Alcohol Policy and Procedures
        Charity Drive Requests
        Communication and Marketing
                Campus Press Policy
                Email, Mailing Lists & Websites
                Printing Promotional Materials & Use of Copyright Material
        Facilities for Special Events
        Food Policies
        Gambling/Games of Chance
        Parking and Unloading on College Walk
        Permits for Events and Parades
                Contracting Performers
                Screening Movies or Television Shows

Where Will the Event be Held?  

          University Events Managment (UEM)
          Alternative Space 
                Austin E. Quigley Black Box Theatre
                Earl Hall
                Intercultural Resource Center
                Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life
          Off Campus Events and Student Travel Policies

Who Will Attend? 

        Communication and Marketing
        Non CUID in Lerner Hall

Working with Campus Partners

An Overview: Club Refuel - Working with Campus Partners.pdf

        Event Reviews

        Facilities Requests (tables, chairs, stantions, trash cans, etc.)

Financial Advising

Club ReFuel - Money Matters 

  1. Club Finance: A thorough guide for navigating your way through student group spending
  2. Other Funding Sources: Sources for other/additional funding opportunities   

IRS Form W9: Must be completed by any vendor requiring payment who is not yet set up in Columbia's accounting system

Tax Exemption Certificate: For information on using Columbia's tax exemption please visit 

Creating an FTF Tutorial: A step-by-step tutorial on how to fill out an FTF (Financial Transaction Form)


Please review the list of Vendors Who Accept FTF's referenced above in Club Finance.  This list includes vendors who will accept an FTF/E-form as payment and invoice Columbia directly. The SFA Office will then proceed with submitting payment to the vendor once you turn in all supporting documentation.

Note: For promotional items, you must use a vendor from the Promotional Product Vendors list below.

Test Your Knowledge

 The Student Organization Assessment Tool is now officially up and running. Have feedback on the new questions and style? We'd love to hear it. Please send it along to!

2. Meet Your Advisor 

For those groups recognized by ABC, CCSC, ESC, IGB, IGC, or SGB, please schedule a meeting with your advisor.

Please review and take the Student Organization Assessment Tool (SOAT) and sign up for the SVR Session prior to meeting with your advisor so they can answer any questions.  Once you've passed the assessment and signed up for your SVR Session, you can schedule a meeting with your advisor.  

Not sure who your advisor is? A full list of advisors can be found here.

3. Register for Enough is Enough Student Leader Training

Register here to attend the SVR Make Up Session "One Bad Apple" to comply with NY State Law Enough is Enough on Wednesday, February 8. 

One Bad Apple: How can student leaders create a healthy and accountable student group, with a bunch of good apples? During this interactive session, student leaders will connect issues of dating violence to the impact on student group dynamics. Students will develop skills to support members of their groups and utilize campus resources. Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation for Enough is Enough Student Leaders Training on Dating Violence.

For questions, please email

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