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The first step to apply for new group recognition is to research and identify the appropriate governing board for your proposed group. Once you have identified the appropriate governing board, contact the board directly for more information about the new group recognition process.

Governing Boards

All recognized student groups fall under one of the many governing boards on campus.  While they each have specific areas they support and specific policies and procedures for their groups to follow, the governing boards all serve to support and advocate for their groups.

Student Councils

Columbia College Student Council (CCSC)

The Columbia College Student Council is elected by students of Columbia College to serve as their primary representative, advocate, and liaison to the Columbia University community, including its administration, faculty, alumni, and the public. The CCSC is charged with gathering and expressing student opinion, actively representing student views, appropriately addressing student concerns, ensuring that college students are fully apprised of all information of impact to their undergraduate experience, responsibly and equitably distributing student activity fees, and working with other student groups to program college-wide events designed to foster cohesiveness within the entire undergraduate population.  

Engineering Student Council (ESC)

The Engineering Student Council is elected by students of Columbia Engineering while the Executive Board is selected by current council members. The Engineering Student Council strives to represent the interests of the Engineering Students and that of the University as a whole, to improve student life, to responsibly and equitably distribute student activity fees, and to foster communication amongst students, faculty and administrators, and alumni throughout Columbia University.  

General Studies Student Council (GSSC)

The General Studies Student Council is elected each year by the students of Columbia General Studies to serve as their principal advocates and to meet the needs of a diverse undergraduate population comprised of software developers, ballet dancers, business leaders, veterans of the military, artists, and athletes. The GSSC pursues academic, political, social and administrative initiatives to serve this student body, recognizing their nontraditional background and their individual needs. The GSSC further acts as the primary advocate for and liaison between the student body, the General Studies administration and Columbia University at large.  

Barnard College Student Government Association (SGA)

The officers of the Student Government Association are elected each spring by the students of Barnard College. The SGA serves as the primary liaison between students and the administration, represents student views and advises on policy issues, and coordinates committees of faculty, administrators, and students. As a student council, the SGA works in collaboration with student groups to enhance campus life, affect change, instill a sense of Barnard pride and promote community.  For information on starting new club at Barnard, please contact the Governing Board at Barnard.

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