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Virtual Trans and Queer Self and Community Care Space

LGBTQ @ Columbia has partnered with Counseling and Psychological Services to provide a weekly online support space for queer and trans students. To join the group, email Kori Bennett at with "QT Community Care" in the subject line.

Beginning on Friday, March 27, this support space will take place on a weekly basis every Friday, 2:303:45 p.m. EDT, Vanessa Gonzalez-Siegel (LGBTQ @ Columbia) and Dr. Kori Bennett (Transgender and Gender Expansive Team, Sexual and Gender Identities Team at Counseling and Psychological Services) will moderate/participate in the space.

This is a drop-in online support space in which queer and trans (transgender and/or nonbinary) students can share how they are caring for themselves with attention to identity, gender and queerness during this uncertain time. This is an opportunity to be in community and to receive support from one another with regard to coping strategies. Kindness to one another and encouragement of creativity/care for self will be primary focuses.

Due to the open and online nature of this drop-in group, this group is not private or confidential, though participants are encouraged to be respectful and mindful of each other and to practice discretion. In addition, please note that this is a support space, not group therapy.

The support space will be structured beginning with a mindfulness or deep breathing exercise followed by a check in. Each participant will have a chance to share resources/art work or talk about a practice or activity that has been helpful for them. Examples may include painting/drawing, making playlists, engaging in spiritual practice, trying out crafts, practicing yoga, following particular artists or community members on social media, writing, baking, etc.

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