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Submit Final Proposal

NOTE: The deadlines for 2017-2018 are:

  • Winter Preliminary Proposal Due: Monday 8/28 @5pm
  • Winter Final Proposal & Community Partner Letter Due: Monday 9/18 @ 5pm
  • Acceptance Decisions Released By: 9/22
  • Spring and Summer Preliminary Proposal Due: Friday 10/13 @5pm
  • Spring and Summer Final Proposal Due: Monday 11/13 @5pm 
  • Acceptance Decisions Released By: 11/20

Only submit a Final Proposal if you have submitted a Preliminary Proposal and were invited by the ABP to submit a final proposal. 

Before submitting your Final Proposal, make sure you are familiar with the proposal process, expectation and requirments.  


  1. Read all directions on the web form. 
  2. Complete the web form, filling out the required information and attaching the required documents (your completed proposal template, your letter/email from community partner, your estimated project budget, and optional supplementary materials), then submit it.
  3. Note: This year you will also have to attach a letter or email from their community partner (organization or individual(s)) verifying they understand the outcomes and proposed dates for the project.

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