Student Group Advising

Your group advisor serves as your primary resource for guidance and support. If you are unsure who advises your group, you can download the complete list of Undergraduate Student Life Adivsers USL Student Group Advisors 2016-2017.xls, or email Undergraduate Student Life.

All student groups are expected to adhere to University policies, as well as their respective governing board policies.  For more information on each of the governing boards, visit their websites below:

 When To Visit Your Advisor

Visit and consult with your advisor when:
• You are trying to plan an event
• You have questions about your organization’s budget allocation
• You are having difficulty navigating the Columbia system or are unsure of the rules
• You are planning an event where alcohol may be served
• Your organization wants to rent a car
• You are handling large sums of money for your organization
• You are planning a large event that requires speakers and/or artists to sign contracts
• You want to celebrate a successful event
• You are experiencing a conflict within your group and are looking for a mediator or
   simply someone with whom to discuss your concerns

When in doubt, we encourage you to stop in to see your advisor or, at the very least, contact them by calling or sending an e-mail.

Expectations for Student Groups

  • Inform your advisor about all plans for group events and meetings in a timely manner
  • Be aware of and follow all Columbia University policies and procedures
  • Communicate your organization’s needs to your advisor. Do not hesitate to ask for help
  • Inform your advisor about any relationship or partnership that your group may have with any Columbia University department or outside organization
  • Build a relationship with your advisor by meeting regularly, maintaining contact, and celebrating mutual successes
  • Foster an environment in which your advisor feels respected and valued. Get to know your advisor beyond “just a signature”
  • Be mindful of the impact your organization and its events have on the greater Columbia community
  • Communicate concerns that may arise to your advisor
  • Seek out and take advantage of the expertise of your advisor's knowledge of many student organization and leadership issues
  • Plan your student group events and meetings around the stated goals within your constitution/mission statement
  • Manage your student organization’s budget and account. Clearly communicate group purchases and expenditures to your advisor

Expectations for Advisors

  • Advise student groups on organizing the logistics associated with group activities including travel arrangements and meeting/event planning
  • Clearly communicate Columbia University policies, procedures, and structures
  • Clearly identify your role and expectations with the student groups that you advise
  • Inform advisees about available services offered by the advising office
  • Advocate on behalf of the student groups you advise and facilitate communication with other Columbia University resources, key staff members, and stakeholders (including other student groups)
  • Share responsibility for building the relationship with the student groups
  • Foster environments in which students feel respected and valued, and convey concern for their welfare
  • Assess what level of advising is necessary for each particular group or program
  • Assess the institutional impact of group events/services and communicate the appropriate information to your supervisor
  • Utilize and share your knowledge of best-practices, the student group process, and basic student development theories to help guide the development of student organizations and students
  • Help student groups adhere to the stated goals detailed in their group's constitution/mission statement
  • Help student groups manage their student accounts by approving purchases, monitoring group budgets, and communicating  the policies and procedures required to operate within the University financial system

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